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<nettime> A Third Way Between Protectionism & Globalization

On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 07:58:46AM +0100, Alex Foti wrote:

> [Trump's] politics is neither neocon nor realist (certainly 
> not international kehoane-style) but isolationist. 

We have been sold the notion that Protectionism is very
very bad and leads to "economic warfare".

We have been sold the notion that Globalization (aka
Darwinism), both physical and digital, is inevitable like
a rule of nature and there is no way on Earth to regulate it.

I challenge both assumptions and ask why a middle ground
is such a difficult thing to imagine:

Instead of suffering the effects of globalization while 
at the same time attempting to hide little protectionist 
measures in an intransparent architecture of consumer 
protection laws or other regulation...

... what if a set of reasonable countries and continents
agreed to define a clear and transparent way to charge
(eco)sustainability taxes on containers entering or
leaving the harbors, inviting all other countries to
follow suit?

It's not protectionism, if most do it all in the same
way, right? It's not mercantilism, if the nations don't
escalate protectionist measures out of control, but
agree on what is needed to regulate the externalities,
protect the environment and impede collapse of local
economies. And the absurdity of sending Scottish fish
to Asia for filleting, then back to Scotland for sale
as Scottish fish, has to stop. That only makes sense
if the immense environmental costs that following
generations are starting to pay continue to not be
factored into the maths of the world economy.

There must already be entire anti-globalization NGOs
dedicated to this idea - or am i missing something?

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