David Garcia on Thu, 26 Jan 2017 12:55:14 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> 10 Preliminary Theses on Trump

Thank you Ian for these cogent thoughts..

I have one question for you:

Is you 10th thesis calling for a revolution without using the word. 
If so why not? Why avoid the word? Has it become tarnished by 
carrying too much historical baggage ? Or does te word simply 
not cover what it is you are trying to say?

I am asking this question in the light of a panel you were on in 
Amsterdam last Sunday when Steve Kurtz of Critical Arts Ensemble 
pointed out that in all of the many excellent presentations no one had 
once used the word revolution?

I suspect that the insurgent Right have no such qualms.. Any thoughts 
on this ?

David  Garcia   

>   10. The present crisis being virtually ushered in by Trump must be met
>   with a crisis of our own making.
>   As things increasingly disintegrate, it will not be possible to remake
>   what has become undone. Awash in a world without limits or meaning, a
>   place where the possibility of life itself has become threatened by the
>   possibilities unleashed under capitalism, the only way out may be to
>   introduce a crisis of a different kind, one that posits a fundamentally
>   different register of possibility. In the playful invention of new
>   repertoires, in the forging of new collectivities, in the
>   experimentation with new practices of living, perhaps something else,
>   something otherwise can begin. In the coming years, it will be our task
>   to make possible that which cannot be under capitalism.


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