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<nettime> trump is not a neoliberal: national populism and neoliberalism compared

[the previous version was messed up by me. FS]

have been following the many perspectives taken on the nazipopulist
in the white house - time and again though i ve seen people repeating
trumpism is neoliberalism to the max, that is avatar of international
capital or whatnot.

not so, 2016 puts an end to the phase of total neoliberal hegemony
(1989-2008) and indeed dissolves the west under anglo-saxon leadership
that had come into being in 1945-1947. furthermore its approach
to world politics is neither neocon nor realist (certainly not
international kehoane-style) but isolationist. It starts from the
premise that the US is no longer the hegemonic world power and seeks
a nationalist policy to reassert its primacy. I'd like to write more,
but i hope a table suffices.


international free trade // 
nationalist protectionism

restrictive fiscal, expansionary monetary  //
restrictive monetary,expansionary fiscal

weak dollar // strong dollar

partnership with china, rivalry with russia //   
partnership with russia rivarly with china

eu as nato ally  //
european disintegration, emasculation ofnato

green capitalism //              
fossil capitalism

liberals, catholics, socdems //          
nationalists, racists, neocons

conservative //

mass migration and multiculturalism //  
closed borders and christian supremacy

individualism, liberalism, cosmpolitanism  //                     
populism, misogyny, provincialism

scientific reason and technology as efficiency           manipulation of
irrationalism and technology as domination

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