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Re: <nettime> Guardian > Monbiot > Neoliberalism -- the

Defeating an ideology takes another ideology that produces better weaponry. Historically speaking, the new winner is generally less aesthetically pleasing than the defeated one. Expect nostalgia for neoliberalism.

This is tremendously encouraging to armaments enthusiasts, historians,
preservationists, archeologists, museologists, all curators of rosy
iconic remembrance to rouge current slaughters, for example, the
Internet of Things branded with timelessness and ubiquity (until ISIS
arrives with dynamite Nobel).

Veneration of the past, present and future sanitized of horror may
well be the most beneficial outcome of the Internet, certainly
its world washing freedom of information delirium erecting copied
Parthenons of Openness of immigrant-enslaved Platonic democracy.

Already ICYMI there are admirable efforts to preserve the birth of the
Internet and archive all its heady loggings, spewings, siphonings,
censorings, controllings -- archives even of this very alimentary
dumpings are treasured, not to say the horrifying bowdlerizations
of Wayback and Wikipedia, the voracious aggregating by thousands,
millions, of bots and manifold layers of webs and swarms and purloins
of social media, spies, clouds, International Consortia of Journalists
conjoined with NGO, press and academia associations running their
proprietarily privileged, minimization of disclosures, oligarchic
wealth concentrating, tax avoiding, Mossack Fonsecas.

The abysmal classical-revival architecture of centralized finance
of big banks and big governments at all levels shamelessly exhibits
aspirations to exploit the populace with faux little d democracy,
backed by the biggest megadeath machines ever, totally unaccountable
to the masses it ostensibly protects but in fact terrorizes as
thoroughly as any regime coutured by ideological theology, say, those
inseparable bedmates Engel's capitalism and Marx's marxism, more like
Black Widow and tasty SO, iconized in the Lincoln Memorial neo-Greek
pile and sheltering a gigantic white guy in whitest of marble axial to
the greater neo-Roman guanoed anthill opposite.

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