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Re: <nettime> Guardian > Monbiot > Neoliberalism -- the

On 4/17/16 1:55 , Alexander Bard wrote:

Which is why the next revolution will not happen in the streets (we need to
get over Paris 1789 and even more so Paris 1968 as our model) both in our
minds and our digital environments once this new ideology of digital-global
solidarity has become available to us. And to get there we need both
technology, ideology and a good dose of destinal luck. A return to the
depth of our timeless psyches in the current chaos (humans do not change,
technology does, and ideology must change with it).

Still laser-aged jeans 1968 (albeit pitifully 9/11 provincial NYC sans sanitized streets not admirably tres terrorist chic metropolitan Paris laced with magnifique couturded boulevards) has its doddering nostalgics willing to endure dimming recollections brightened by beaux-artful overkleigs:

"A Time to Stir makes use of six hundred newly filmed interviews and tens of thousands of never-before-seen photographs, plus hours of archival footage, to explore the hows and whys of the <>campus protests at Columbia University in 1968. An eighteen-hour version of the documentary will be ready in 2017, along with a number of accompanying books, including an illustrated documentary history, a collection of essays, and a complete transcript of the film. <>Here for an article from 2008."

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