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Re: <nettime> Guardian > Monbiot > Neoliberalism -- the ideology at

Nice story...

> The term neoliberalism was coined at a meeting in Paris in 1938.
> Among the delegates were two men who came to define the ideology,
> Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek. Both exiles from Austria,
> they saw social democracy, exemplified by Franklin Roosevelt's New
> Deal and the gradual development of Britain's welfare state, as
> manifestations of a collectivism that occupied the same spectrum as
> nazism and communism.

...only that it is plainly wrong. At this meeting, the Colloque Walter
Lippmann, Alexander Rüstow defined neoliberalism _against_ the
radical free market liberalism of von Mises and Hayek as a liberalism
that combined the free market with state intervention. It is the
school of liberalism that later became known as "ordoliberalism" and
pretty much shaped post-WWII Western European economic politics.

Michel Foucault's discussion of "neoliberalism" in his late lectures
refers to this original definition of neoliberalism, too.


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