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Re: <nettime> some more nuanced thoughts on publishing, editing, reading, using

Well, Mike, editing a journal like Feminist Media Studies for Informa/Taylor
and Francis comes with the benefit of being enrolled, whether you like it or
not, as a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), where T&F is
a big player. COPE (nice acronym) "is a forum for editors and publishers of
peer-reviewed journals to discuss all aspects of publication ethics." ;-))

Right. OK, to address your question more seriously, the academy has not
caught up with online open access publishing, and, when scholars publish in
online journals, this is viewed with suspicion when they are being
considered for promotion and tenure. I'm sure that you know this, given your
academic background. The problem is that academe and for-profit publishers
can put editors, authors, and even reviewers in a position of having to
participate in "delivering" scholarship in a way that is behind the times.
And, related to this, there is the problem of universities' pushing
publication in the corporation Thompson-Reuters' ISI approved journals,
where there is an extreme bias against online open access journals (among
other things, such as certain fields of study).

It is difficult to imagine that this will change unless 'senior scholars'
and administrators in particular alter their perspectives about online open
access publishing and, at the same time, the number of open journals
increases while the number of closed journals diminishes. The occasional
individual effort to create and maintain a much-needed, quality open online
journal like the Journal of Community Informatics seems unlikely to change
the commonplace thinking in academe and the publishing industry. Knowing
this, of course, doesn't change my view of the J of CI as an important
venue, especially within the context of what is the current, prevailing
'information society' discourse.



On 7/27/11 8:23 PM, "Michael Gurstein" <> wrote:

> I'm the Editor in Chief of the online open access open archive (all
> volunteer) Journal of Community Informatics
> We were born digital (7 years ago) and the PKP/OJS Open Journal Software
> support system.. We are now (for the P&T folks) being indexed by IBSS (and
> of course Google Scholar) and are being classified by the Australian
> "Excellence in Research" in two categories (a "B" in both Library and
> Information Science, and in Information and Computing Science).

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