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Re: <nettime> some more nuanced thoughts on publishing, editing, reading, using

I'm the Editor in Chief of the online open access open archive (all
volunteer) Journal of Community Informatics http://ci-journal.net.

We were born digital (7 years ago) and the PKP/OJS Open Journal Software
support system.. We are now (for the P&T folks) being indexed by IBSS (and
of course Google Scholar) and are being classified by the Australian
"Excellence in Research" in two categories (a "B" in both Library and
Information Science, and in Information and Computing Science).

The stats are truly astonishing... http://www.ci-journal.net/reports/ (also

Journal Totals (since 2006-08-27)
Abstract Views: 217888
Article Views: 430362

The first year and half of stats were lost in a version upgrade so it would
appear that we have had rather more than 500,000 article views in roughly 7

(We have had a fairly extensive and somewhat technical discussion on the
possible sources of error in those figures and the conclusion is that they
are in themselves correct and exclude the normal sources of possible error
viz. bots, misconfigurations etc. A review of the downloads per article also
tends to confirm in that the articles more widely cited are also those that
have the largest number of downloads overall.

We have only recently in the last month installed Google Analytics but the
figures from there confirm the overall direction of the above stats with the
additional interesting information that we have now had page views from some
106 countries and territories around the world. Our "Impact Ratio" is a
reasonably healthy 2.2.

My question is, given the above, why is anyone still working for/publishing
in/editing/reading/using or otherwise supporting the current more or less
obscene system of academic for profit publishing?


Michael Gurstein, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief: The Journal of Community Informatics

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Gary, I agree that this is an excellent piece. Thanks very much for the
reference. It does give me qualms about editing a Taylor & Francis/Informa
journal. It has been difficult enough to know that I've been engaging in
free labor for a mega-conglomerate that operates as a cartel, but to find
out that the mega-conglomerate is clearly working for the military-industrial 
complex and actively courting the described geo-political connections is 
very disturbing indeed.


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