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Re: <nettime> some more nuanced thoughts on publishing, editing, reading, using

Tobias, thanks for your message, which describes well the labor that goes
into open access journals. I tend to agree with your main points, and your
description of the labor that goes into publishing open access, online
journals offers an effective education on what is involved in devoting
oneself to creating and maintaining such journals.

I do want to point out, however, that Feminist Media Studies can't turn to
open access publishing unless the conglomerate that is making money off of
subscriptions (and free labor) decides to do so--and it wouldn't be in the
best interest of a conglomerate to decide to forgo making profits.

Taylor and Francis Ltd owns the journal and does not confer with us about
such decisions in any case. Of course, a competitor journal focusing on
feminist media studies could be created, and it could be an online open
access journal. I hope that someone takes on this initiative, but, after 15
years of editing journals, it won't be me that does so (i.e., I'm 'retiring'
from journal editorship altogether). That said, Carol Stabile at the
University of Oregon is trying to get an open access, online publishing
initiative off the ground. It's called Fembot and focuses on gender, media,
and technology. 

All the best,


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> I also wanted to briefly pipe in -- I am Managing Editor of Dancecult:
> Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture, an open-access, indexed, and
> fully peer-reviewed Journal, run through that innovative yet bulky beast of
> a CMS, OJS. We're located at:

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