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*Action in Solidarity with German students *
On 11th december, national strike of education, thousands of students
demonstrated in several italian cities against cuts funding and claiming
basic income and autonomy of research.[...]

*Unrest in the Edu-Factory *
Unrest in the edu-factory,translocal protests, occupations, and strikes at
the universities and art schools, Meeting in Zurich.[...]

*UC Berkeley 'Open University' Raided by Police, 65 Arrested *
This morning, on the fifth and final day of a weeklong ?Open University?
held at UC Berkeley?s Wheeler Hall, University of California Police stormed
into the building around 5am, arresting 65 people without provocation,
witnesses said.[...]

*Towards the general strike on 11th December in Italy *
On November 20th, a great assembly of precarious and students from all over
Italy, met at Sapienza University to relaunch - starting from the many
struggle initiatives organized in recent months in various universities and
schools - a broad mobilization path identifying as central the struggle
against planned castingoff of the university and claiming a new welfare
system up to the task of dealing with the challenges posed by the actual
world of work.[...]

*Riots and police brutality on first day of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder
Riots have broken out in Athens and Salonica during the first day of A.
Grigoropoulos murder anniversary with police demonstrating extreme brutality
leaving two people seriously wounded by a motorised charge on the Athens

*Solidarity University in Vienna, Austria open now *
A few minutes ago, the Solidarity University (kritische und
solidarischeUniversit?t = KriSU) was founded in Vienna, Austria.
KriSU-activistsrevitalized rooms which are vacant since 2 years for the
public. KriSUreacts on the fundamental social, ecological and economic
crisis ofcapitalist society. It sees itself as a part of the global
universityprotests. Elfriede Jelinek, famous Austrian writer, declared
hersolidarity: "I am glad to support this action, since I would support
anycritical initiative weakening those encrusted university

*Their Privatization, Our Exploitation*
A response to UW President Mark Emmert?s.?Addressing the Latest State
Revenue Shortfall?[...]

*Day of actions- Towards the general strike of 11th December*
In the last two days several actions and demonstration took place in
different cities all over Italy during the national day of action organized
during the assembly  at LaSapienza University- Rome on 20th november,
towards the general strike of 11th december.[...]

*Network of Resistance to the "Structural Adjustment" of US Universities*
We write first to express our recognition of the important role that the
edu-factory net has played in recent weeks circulating the information about
the growing students and faculty struggles internationally and providing a
space, for discussion, translation, strategizing.[...]


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