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Re: <nettime> to TEd: II International Conference ARTECHMEDIA Barcelona 2009


ll Internacional Conference ART TECH MEDIA 09 "Innovation, Networks &
New Media at Digital Culture and Social Development"

Barcelona, 18th to 21th december 2009

The conference will serve as a meeting point for art, creativity,
and innovation. It will also raise institutional, entrerprise and
social awareness, nationally and internationally, of the challenges
and threats that new information and communication technologies bring
for the construction of a Knowledge Society that will define the
future of Spain and the whole world. It is directed to institutional
representatives within the art world, technology enterprise,
university, research centres, communication media, foundations and
other social organisations.

The main objective of the call for the II International Conference
is to debate and articúlate proposals that will instigate the
implementation and awareness of new media and the development
of networks that will drive the alliance between Art, Science,
Innovation, Technology and Institutions as a vehicle for integration
and social development.

This call responds to the support demonstrated by institutions,
organisations and artists who participated in the debates that tool
place in the ARTECHMEDIA activities.

Proposals will be presented and debated that show the most innovative
ideas and creations from the national and international area.


Speakers:  Laura M. Lechuga Nanobiosensors and Bioanalytic Applications 
Group Leader at CIN2 (CSIC-ICN)Research Center in Nanoscience and 
Nanotechnology  Esteve Almirall Expert on Open Innovation, User Driven 
Innovation y Living Labs. UPC, Esade and proyects i2Cat and in Living Labs 
(ENoLL - CatLab)  Montse Basora Director Enterprise Area of Barcelona 
Activa. Programa CreaMedia  Josep Font Anella Cultural Departament de 
Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació. Generalitat Cataluña  Claudia Giannetti 
University of  Évora (Visual Arts). Resercher & curator of media art  Josep 
Perelló  Director Science´s Area. Arts Santa Monica  Carme Farràs Director 
Mediateca CaixaForum Fundació "la Caixa"  Beatriz Martínez & Dolors Boatella 
DivuCIENCIA  Lluciá Homs Codirector LOOP Fair  Oscar García Director MCDEM 
Ricard Gras Director INTER - Activa. London  Pau Alsina Profesor Art & 
Humanities UOC & Director ARTNODES  Roger Pujol, Dani Armengol & Xavier 
Vilar. Multitouch Barcelona   Regine Debatty Director of  we make money not 
art. Italia  Marcel.lí Antúnez Artist, researcher on Sistematurgia  Fernando 
Piquer Director Bitoon. Development on line videogames  Hector Milla Balzac 
tv  Montxo Algora Director of ART FUTURA  José Manuel Berenguer Artist & 
director Orquesta del Caos  Pedro Soler  Director Hangar  Alex Borrás 
Director DiBa  Ulla Taipale  Capsula project  Natalia Rojas Directora 
Cuatic - Interactive Experiences  Emiliano Labrador Artist,  ANIMA project 
Anne Roquigny WJ-S Paris  Simona Levi Member of EXGAE and director of OXCARS 
Bani Brusadin Co-director The Influencers  Marc Sempere Compartir Dóna 
Gustet (CDG)  Pedro Soler Director Hangar  Menene Gras Director Culture & 
Exhibitions CASA ASIA  Montse Arbelo & Joseba Franco Directors ARTECHMEDIA

Sponsors: Institute of Culture of Barcelona. ICUB, Council of Barcelona, 
Barcelona Activa Council of Barcelona and  Casa Asia Collaborator: FECYT of 
Ministery of Science and Innovation Spanish Goverment

Free inscription.

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