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Re: <nettime> Carry On (was: Paul Krugman etc)

>You might want to consult Herr Doktor Google to find out a bit about Cato
>and the Washington Times. A quick perusal of the "Renew America" site puts
>them squarely in the paleo-conservative racial apocalypse fantasy camp:

not only that, but the cited EUtimes.net is a new wordpress blog 
(started in october 2009, although they don't say where they're 
based) that has a section for "European Pride" and a sub-section 
"Race" in their "sceince" section, which contains gems like

Enoch Powell was right: Ethnic cleansing of Native White British and 
Colonization by non-whites in London


Before criticizing the Japanese for not being white, I urge you to 
remember that Japan was a main member of the Axis Powers who signed 
the Tripartite Pact. Hitler called the Japanese "Aryans of the East" 
which is 100% true

and that's just the headlines. Urgencies? I'm not exactly up to speed 
on the euro-fascist lunatic fringe (if indeed they are european) but 
within my context they just sound like a couple of disgruntled aging 
BNP goons.



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