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Re: <nettime> Katharine Ainger: Once beaten for stating the obvious, our time has come


> Not coincidentally, it was also a decade ago that the
> anticapitalist movement emerged with a rambunctious "carnival against
> capital" in London's Square Mile; the contagion spread to the streets of
> Seattle where the World Trade Organisation meeting was shut down by
> protesters later that year.

The protests against APEC preceded all this by two years. Just a note on
alterglobalization history. APEC 1997 was in Vancouver, just north of
Seattle, and the 'contagion' was not caught from that old colonial centre,
London, but was rather in the planetary air.. though everyone was aware of,
and in communication with, other sites of resistance, mainly through tao.ca
and what became resist.ca, and later this came to form, for WTO'99,


Enough mythmaking.


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