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nettime-ann Digest, Vol 67, Issue 2

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Today's Topics:

   1. Floating Points 6: Games of Culture | Art of Games (Turbulence)
   2. Call for Applications: Rhizome Curatorial Fellow (Ceci Moss)
   3. Bridge Basel: Call for Participation (Michael Workman)
   4. SYMPOSIUM: Positions in flux: On the changing role of the
      artist and institution in the networked society (Marieke Istha)
   5. [International ArtExpo] Call for Artists: ATTITUDE	Festival -
      Macedonia (Luca Curci)


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 14:24:54 -0400
From: "Turbulence" <>
Subject: <nettime-ann> Floating Points 6: Games of Culture | Art of
To: "Jo-Anne Green" <>
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Floating Points 6: Games of Culture | Art of Games

A Film Screening, Symposium and Workshops with Asi Burak, Anita Fontaine,
Jesper Juul, Friedrich Kirschner, Marcin Ramocki, Jason Rohrer, Adriana de
Souza Silva, Mushon Zer-Aviv 

DATE: March 20-21, 2009
VENUE: Emerson College, Boston + streamed live on the web and in Second Life
FREE and OPEN to the public. Registration details on the website

Video games extend beyond the gaming console into nearly every aspect of
contemporary life. They are fun. They drive innovation, consumer engagement
and employee productivity. Is our culture turning everything into a game?

Video Games have had a greater impact on narrative form than any medium
since film. They are altering our experience of both virtual and physical
space. Gamespace is everywhere and nowhere (McKenzie Wark, "Gamer Theory").
In "Video Game Spaces: Image, Play, and Structure in 3D Worlds", Michael
Nitsche introduces five analytical layers - rule-based space, mediated
space, fictional space, play space, and social space. How do artists and
game designers use these spaces in their creative practice? How does
structured play impact our engagement with other people, both online and in
urban space? What are the political and cultural implications of gaming

Please join us for a lively discussion.

Co-Organized and Co-Presented by Emerson College and

Jo-Anne Green, Co-Director
New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.:
New York: 917.548.7780 . Boston: 617.522.3856
Networked_Performance Blog:
Upgrade! Boston: 
New American Radio:


Message: 2
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 17:47:17 -0400
From: Ceci Moss <>
Subject: <nettime-ann> Call for Applications: Rhizome Curatorial
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*Call for Applications: Rhizome Curatorial Fellow*

Rhizome is a leading arts organization dedicated to the creation,
presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that
engage technology. Through open platforms for exchange and collaboration,
our website serves to encourage and expand the communities around these
practices. Our programs, many of which happen online, include commissions,
exhibitions, events, discussion, archives and portfolios. Rhizome is an
affiliate of the New Museum of Contemporary Art. For more information about
Rhizome, visit:

Rhizome seeks a Curatorial Fellow from late April through August 2009. The
Fellow will support the curatorial and editorial departments at Rhizome
through research, writing and administration. This position is a unique
opportunity for a person interested in pursuing a career in contemporary art
to further their engagement with the field and hone their professional

The Curatorial Fellow must be based in New York and must be able to commit
to 16 hours of work per week, for 6 months, beginning in Spring 2009. This
position is unpaid, but academic credit may be arranged. The Curatorial
Fellow will work directly with artists and be overseen by the Director and
Senior Editor.

The Fellow's primary responsibilities include:

   - Coordination, and development of the Rhizome ArtBase, including
   managing submissions and reaching out to artists
   - Curating sections of the Rhizome website
   - Researching topics for editorial coverage
   - Writing articles for Rhizome's blog and publications
   - Administrative support of programs, such as Rhizome's monthly New
   Silent Series at the New Museum
   - General support of the organization

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates should have a level of familiarity with
contemporary art and particularly new media and its history. Education or
advanced experience beyond the undergraduate level is preferred. At a
minimum, the candidate should have very strong writing, editing, and
analytical skills, and very high internet literacy. Knowledge of Microsoft
Office software is also required and basic Photoshop skills are preferred.
TO APPLY: Please email a cover letter, resume or c.v., three references, and
three writing samples (url's or attachments) to Ceci Moss at editor(at) Review of applications will begin immediately. Deadline is
April 15, 2009.

Ceci Moss
Senior Editor
at the New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY 10002
212-219-1288 ext. 258
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Message: 3
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:26:30 -0500
From: Michael Workman <>
Subject: <nettime-ann> Bridge Basel: Call for Participation
To: <>
Message-ID: <>
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For Immediate Release: Bridge Basel: Call for Participation
June 10-14, 2009
Download Application >>
Bridge Art Fair is proud to announce its inaugural edition of Bridge Basel
to take place June 10-14, 2009, in Basel, Switzerland concurrent with the
esteemed Art Basel. Basel draws the largest international audience
internationally of all major contemporary art fairs, and Bridge Basel enjoys
built-in guarantees to ensure attendance by collectors, curators and art
professionals from around the world.
During the 40th Anniversary of Art Basel, Bridge Art Fair has been accepted
to stage the Bridge Art Fair in a new facility, the Dreispitzhalle.
Dreispitzhalle is the event facility centerpiece of the up-and-coming hot
spot in Basel, Dreispitz. In the coming years, this area will host a design
school, top-notch galleries and many other art institutions. The
Dreispitzhalle, the anchor of the neighborhood?s future international art
and cultural activities, will host Bridge as the first-ever art fair in the
Dreispitz area of Basel during the Art Basel fair. Bridge boasts a degree of
local support, to deliver a fair that balances cultural and commercial
interests, enjoyed by no other satellite show. To ensure this balance, all
exhibitions are cooperatively produced with Bridge Director Michael Workman,
a former correspondent for Flash Art, and Bridge staff, an organization
owned and operated by writers and artists. Bridge is the only art fair
curated as a single, unified exhibit, with a clear artistic direction based
on the works cooperatively chosen for presentation by Bridge and its
participating galleries.
Dreispitzhalle >>
Bridge Art Fair in the Dreispitzhalle will take place steps from arguably
the largest private art collection in the world, the Schaulager >> The Schaulager open house is an important draw every
year for art professionals and major art collectors from around the world
during Art Basel.
If there is any market in the world where collectors and galleries want to
go right now, it is Basel. Bridge is also working with event producers at
Triebwerk >>, who lifted the Volta Show Basel to its present
position in the marketplace.
Verge Edition of Bridge Basel
Download Application >>
Bridge will also stage Verge >> in an
office building next door to the Dreispitzhalle. Premiered as an alternative
edition of the Bridge Art Fair in Berlin during the 2008 installment of Art
Forum Berlin, Verge Basel will be presented as a unique companion showcase
to Bridge: a showcase of only artist-run spaces and projects. Verge will
expand on the artistic and cultural focus of Bridge by providing a
previously unavailable non-commercial platform for artist-run spaces.

Michael Workman
Bridge Art Fair

Bridge Basel Switzerland 2009
June 10-14

118 N. Peoria, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60607
Ph: (312)421-2227
Fax: 847-656-5078

This e-mail and any of its attachments may contain proprietary information
of Bridge, NFP Incorporated and its subsidiaries, which is?privileged,
confidential or subject to copyright belonging to Bridge, NFP. This e-mail
is intended solely for the use of the individual or?entity to which it is
addressed. If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, you are
hereby notified that any dissemination,?distribution, copying, or action
taken in relation to the contents of and attachments to this e-mail is
strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If?you have received this e-mail in
error, please notify the sender immediately and permanently delete the
original and any copy of this?e-mail and any printout. Thank you.


Message: 4
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 11:18:14 +0100
From: Marieke Istha <>
Subject: <nettime-ann> SYMPOSIUM: Positions in flux: On the changing
	role of the artist and institution in the networked society
To: Nettime1 <>
Message-ID: <>
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The Netherlands Media Art Institute presents

Positions in flux: On the changing role of the artist and institution in 
the networked society

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Organised by Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk), Amsterdam

Symposium venue: Trouw Amsterdam Wibautstraat 131, Amsterdam

The symposium 'Positions in flux: On the changing role of the artist and 
institution in the networked society' will center on some of the major 
parameters for the current and future development of contemporary art. 
In particular it will reflect on the aspect of cultural sustainability 
of art projects, art and technology initiatives and art curating.

'Positions in flux' will give floor to international artists, 
theoreticians, critics, cultural producers and aims to initiate a truly 
critical debate. The symposium is designed for a broad audience working 
in the field of contemporary culture and art, with a desire to 
understand what comes ahead and how to respond to these changes on an 
artistic or institutional level. 'Positions in flux' will provide a 
platform and ?thinkspace? for artists, cultural workers, theoreticians 
and a broader public to envision the future in our field and to provide 
us with the necessary information to make choices for a meaningful and 
sustainable development of society and culture.

The three panel discussions follow a clear thematic scheme and try to 
bring in as much expertise and viewpoints as possible. The panels are 
interlinked and designed to initiate an ongoing discussion among the 

The symposium will be streamed from the symposium venue, Trouw 
Amsterdam. Online audiences will have the opportunity to participate in 
the debate in the live discussion forum. The results of the debate and 
its main contributions are reviewed and published online on the new 
Media Art Platform.

The symposium is part of the 'Here we are ? There we go' programme at 
the Netherlands Media Art Institute, May 8th ? 10th, 2009 which takes 
place on the occasion of the Institute?s 30th anniversary. 'Here we are 
? There we go' celebrates the Institute?s achievements in these thirty 
years and plans for the future with an inspiring open house weekend of 
artist talks, performances, installations, tours and a party.

'Positions in flux' is made possible with the kind support of the 
Mondriaan Foundation.
The conference language is English.

Please contact: for inquiries

15 euro (Students 10 euro). You can buy your ticket in advance at the 
reception of the NIMk (sale starts May 1th) or you can pay at the venue 
location until a half hour before the symposium starts.
Including tea, coffee, reception at the NIMk at the end of the day

Please make reservations by sending you name and contact information to

Speakers and panels
Please note that speakers and times are subject to change.

9:00 ? 10:00 Registration

9:45 Welcome and Introduction by Heiner Holtappels, director of NIMk

10:00 On the changing role of the artist and institution in the 
networked society by Susanne Jaschko, curator of Positions in Flux and 
chief curator NIMk

10.30 ? 12.30 Panel 1: Art goes politics
In this session we will discuss the potential of art to contribute to 
global and local problems such as religious conflicts, environmental or 
social crisis. Or is art constrained to raising awareness only? Should 
art become an agency for political and social affairs at all? How to 
successfully implement and conduct art projects in zones of crisis? What 
does it take to successfully implement and conduct projects in zones of 
crisis? How far do these projects benefit from the dubious attention of 
the mass media?

Hans Bernhard (AT), artist, UBERMORGEN.COM

Wafaa Bilal, artist (IQ/US)

Knowbotic Research, artist group (DE/CH), artist in residence at NIMk 

Moderated by Chris Keulemans, writer and journalist (NL) (tbc) 

12.30 ? 13.30 Lunch break

13.30 ? 15.30 Panel 2: New territories and cultures of the digital
This panel will look at the geographical shift that media culture 
currently undergoes and that will shape the future of this field. In the 
past, Europe, North America and Japan were at the forefront of digital 
production, design, art and technological research. Now that digital 
technologies become available at lower prices and spread more widely on 
the globe, new digital communities flourish. This panel looks 
specifically at new initiatives and bottom-up organisations in other 
parts of the world such as East Europe, the Middle East, Africa and 
South America, trying to understand what characterizes these 
initiatives. In how far do local and national cultures shape digital 
culture? Do these initiatives share common experiences and challenges, 
or is there no common ground to be found? Which kind of art arises from 
these new nodes on the digital map? How can we support the growth and 
establishment of these organisations?

Bronac Ferran (UK), researcher, consultant and founding member of bricolabs

Nat Muller, independent curator and critic (NL)

Marcus Neustetter, media artist, curator and co-founder of Trinity 
Session (ZA)

Adam Somlai-Fischer, artist and architect, programme director of Kitchen 
Budapest (HU)

Moderated by Rob van Kranenburg, thinker, networker and author (NL/BE)
Van Kranenburg has been teaching at various schools in the Netherlands 
(UvA, EMMA Interaction Design, Industrial Design). Currently he works as 
the Head of the Public Domain Program at Waag Society. He is author of 
?The Internet of Things.?

For this session we will ask initiatives and organisations around the 
world to come up with a short written or a 1 minute video statement 
about challenges they face in the future.
These contributions will be shown during the panel.

15.30 ? 16.00 Coffee Break

16.00 ? 18.00 Panel 3: Open Source ? A scheme for art production and 
This session deals with the concept of open source for art production 
and its presentation. The open source movement is driven by the idea of 
collective, process-based, sustainable production and improvement. In 
software development this strategy has already proven to be valid; 
however can this model be applied to other products such as artworks or 
even exhibitions? In how far does the open source model differ from 
other forms of artistic collaboration? Is there a new role model for 
both the artist and the curator in the future? Which (economic) value 
and impact has expertise in open source production? How could 
institutions and organisations respond to this trend?

Marcos Garcia, director of Interactivos, Medialab Prado (ES)

Jaromil, and researcher at NIMk

Joasia Krysa, curator, founder of KURATOR (PL/UK)

Moderated by Josephine Bosma, theoretician and critic (nl)

19:30 Reception at the Netherlands Media Art Institute,

Netherland Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam


Message: 5
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 14:36:51 +0100 (CET)
From: Luca Curci <>
Subject: <nettime-ann> [International ArtExpo] Call for Artists:
	ATTITUDE	Festival - Macedonia
To: International Art Expo <>
Message-ID: <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"

Untitled Document
     Call for Artists: ATTITUDE Festival
      June 26-30, 2009

      Deadline for applications: April 2, 2009

      more details: 
      International ArtExpo is selecting all interesting video/short.films to include in the next 2009 Exhibitions:

      ATTITUDE Festival - Center for Contemporary Public Arts - Bitola, Macedonia (June 26-30, 2009). The deadline for applications is April 2, 2009.

      The Attitude Festival collaborates with many cultural organizations (ArtExpo Italy, Prima Centre Berlin/Skopje, The One Minutes Foundation Amsterdam, EAF Adelaide, Remont Belgrade, SKUC Galerija Ljubljana, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje Macedonia, Franz West Studio Wien, Visura Aperta Zagreb and others). The Attitude Festival targets both new and existing audiences, seeking to attract national and international art audiences. This year presentation of video art and experimental film will be shown in public spaces, in front of few banks in the city as a reaction of financial globalization in the world.

      The number of works with you can participate is unlimited. All works must be on DVD (PAL or NTSC), no matter what the original source medium. The duration may be any, with a preference given to a max lenght of 15 minutes. If you are interested, send your video submissions (Name/Surname, City/Country, Film title, Running time, Brief film synopsis) with a CV/biography, videography and an introduction about the piece to:

      arch. Luca Curci
      via Casamassima, 75
      70010 - Capurso (Bari) - Italy

      International ArtExpo is a not for profit organization that provides a significant forum for cultural dialogue between all artists from different cultures and countries. We depend on the support of you. ArtExpo is grateful to all of the institutions, corporations, and individuals who support our efforts. We work with a number of national and international galleries as well as publishers, museums, curators and writers from all over the world. We help artists through solo and group exhibitions, gallery representation, magazine reviews and advertisements, press releases, internet promotion, as well as various curatorial projects.

      Participation open to: professional artists, architects and designers, associate groups and studios.


      This e-mail is confidential and protected by law. Any un-authorized use or distribution of information here contained is prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, notify the sender immediately. This e-mail address is strictly of use and property of the author. To unsubscribe click here.


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