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<nettime> Our Ada Lovelace Day ends Mar 30th.

Our Ada Lovelace Day ends Mar 30th.

Just a reminder to those who missed Ada Lovelace Day and still wishes to 
be a part of the project to submit your contributions. There is still 

We have been receiving many entries in support of Ada Lovelace Day, 
which will be a valuable resource for all in the future.

Original call out below...

In support of Ada Lovelace Day we are inviting all women who work in 
media arts and net art to join the NetBehaviour email list for a week 
between 23rd and 30th March.

We would like to know about your work and that of other women who have 
inspired you in your own practice. So please come and squat the 
NetBehaviour list for a week (of course we hope you'll stick around for 
longer:) and share your inspirations with our friendly community of 
artists, academics, writers, code geeks, curators, independent thinkers,
activists and net mutualists.

Posts are welcome in any format and frequency. The following is offered 
as an example.

MY NAME: Ruth Catlow



Ele Carpenter - for tech inspired and 
facilitated participation with Open Source Embroidery, her curatorial 
project exploring artists practice that explores the relationship 
between programming for embroidery and computing.

Auriea Harvey - for her part with Entropy8Zuper in early intimate 
networked performances and for Endless 
Forest, Tale of Tales's bucolic social screensaver

Mary Flanagan - for her energetic explorations as academic, educator, 
artist and programmer at the intersection of games, art and feminism and 
exploring collaborative approaches to thinking about values in


At the end of the week we will collate all of the posts in the thread 
and feature them on

See you on Netbehaviour : ))

With all best wishes from

Ruth and the Furtherfield team


Ada Lovelace Day -bringing women in technology to the fore
sign a pledge to blog about inspirational women in tech on 24th March.

NetBehaviour is the email discussion listJoin 
NetBehaviour for a week between 23rd and 30th March (of course we hope 
you will stick around: )

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