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[Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Dear Mrs.C. Herman

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> Subj:  RHIZOME_RAW: Dear Mrs.C. Herman
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>  Dear Mrs. Herman

Terrence, I'm afraid that by critting this site you may have impeded any 
further participation in MASS.  The point is to get interested mothers to 
speak out, not to have you voice that the First Edition isn't edited 

You know you're part of the family, so I don't want to harsh you, but i think 
you underestimate your influence.  Frederic Madre was going to try to get his 
Mom to contribute but decided not to.  Did your post affect him?  I can't 
say.  You must admit it's possible.  

Moreover, by not answering your post I think observers may get the sense I 
have recanted on the call for email from moms.  I haven't.  I hope to get at 
least two more before the end of the year (the deadline for Steve to review 
the First Edition).

I was hoping you could clarify:  your post was not intended to dissuade moms 
from posting to M.A.S.S., but to express your own opinions about the low 
edit-quality of the First Edition.  Unless you disagree with this reading, 
please confirm by replying onlist.


>  I have known Max for over year via the internet. He is one of the most
>  energetic informal communicators in the new media art world. I have
>  reviewed his first video and his unique ideas of media , cognition and
>  history. I believe Max is focused on the big picture. Max can see
>  through the lies that keep humanity on a programed path of false hope.
>  He has proven the we are not born equal and there are those that abuse
>  their positions for their own agendas at he cost of those who are easily
>  led by the belief authority can be relied upon as represent the greater
>  good and those who have a message that defies catagory. His work is
>  unique and valid. For the sake of his art, he is, at times a selfless
>  fighter for the case of truth and yet is the the possessor of a maniacle
>  self pitying demon who wears its art on max's sleeve. In that his
>  peculiar presence on e-mail is an achievement that is noteworthy to many
>  in new media arts and considered by some e- edge artists and hangers on
>  to be a form of spam art. For his frmal work I belive Max could use a
>  videographer/ editor to help him make his ideas more easily review able
>  to those who may eventually help him gain a foothold in the legitimizing
>  institutions he has so much dis/respect for.
>  terrence kosick
>  artnatural
>  + ´•`
>  -> Rhizome.org

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