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[Nettime-bold] "CyberRebate"


Here's how they work: they charge you a ridiculous amount of money for some 
item ($69.99 for a Lincoln Log's Set, for instance -- $7.99 on eToys -- SKU# 
400019, check for yourself).  And then, 10-14 weeks later, they send you a 
full rebate.

So they charge you 70 dollars for an 8 dollar toy.  But they give you your 
money back.

It seems so sketchy.  It seems so unethical.  But why?

Assuming they send you the check as promised (and we can make that 
assumption, they do indeed follow through), why does it seem so wrong?

Obviously they hold onto your money, put it in some sort of interest-bearing 
account, and make more money off that interest than whatever the product 
cost them.  Is that wrong?

Also, they must count on "slippage" -- people who forget to follow through 
on the paperwork to get their rebate.  So they just pocket that money 
because people are lazy/forgetful.  Is that wrong?

Or maybe the whole thing is a front for some money laundering scheme.  You 
take your dirty money, buy $100k worth of Lincoln Logs, and three months 
later your money comes back to you, clean and pure.  Is that wrong?

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