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[Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Dear Mrs.C. Herman

Terrence writes;

Dear Max Herman.

If you read the Mrs. C Herman letter it was not a crit on the site. I wrote in
praise of you, her son's efforts. The crit part on the Genius2000 1st edition
video is an honest inducement for edditation of the video. The sound simply
sucks. It is painful to listen to. It needs subtitling before any hopes of
exhibition let alone for Steve to review it. He is no doubt as busy and squeezed
for time as you are.

I wonder if very many artists on this list are in close communication with their
mothers on the workings of their art works. Perhaps there have been many mothers
who have supported their sons and daughters in their efforts. Perhaps they have
petitioned galleries who have rejected their children's work. Would they make
their inquiries into policy before engaging in a petition or would they support
them without question?  Simply basing their support on their paternal instincts.
Perhaps your's is a strong one. Or perhaps your mother's intellectual insight
may be as strong as yours. It may not be the same for others. Perhaps MASS will
depend on your mother contacting Steve's Mom and having a discussion on hers
son's work/ decisions/policies for reviews. I hope for the best and good holiday

PS the Genius2000 video no.2  sits alone on a shelf next to another shelf that
holds a copy of the Koran.

cc Mrs. C. Herman

Terrence Kosick

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