Kenji Siratori on 20 Nov 2000 17:28:31 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-SM fiction

ants of my brain query the heteromaniac-beat/the mitochondria that i went
mad break down the nuclear war-head of the future
tense::chromosome+++existence_difficult+++"so, artificial-sun exchanges the
kiss of ADAM=blood....the sea of the gene--murder traveling in disguise
animals sing--the soul of my megabyte is suffocated to the suck=blood vagina
of a girl. to the desire of the name called the end that the boy-machine
that the clone of bottom to, my desert of the pupil of a cell dives from the
catastroph_manhole in the cadaver-city commit suicide::the cell other
selfs::it is suffocated::the cyber virus of a wolf::the lonely sun is write
off--and my reptic-body fluid that the masses of flesh of the asphalt that
the universe of a dog dances digest manufactures the megaphone of the nest
form spermatozoon of the spider--the brain of the highway charms the cosmos
of the underground of the cadaver-city and resuscitate the cyber
reproduction internal organ of the apocalypse! entrance....
so mitochondria of the rebel that the clone of ADAM that the weird pupil of
the girl that the genital organs of your machine mechanism that the
drugy-desert supplies road of the cadaver-city in the over there of the
embryo of my brain where howls make the trip=speed of the ant that digest
the body of the centipede 1/8 gimmicks of my soul explode miscarry the sun
of a chromosome fuse your pupil--storage--in the corner of the atrocious
injustice outer space where rapes the erotic-brain of an ant i awoke to by
sexual r****of the human-genome! borrowing the numerous emission
conversation organ of the ant lion i occupied the pop-sweat gland area of
the drug-embryo--storage--so because your murderous body=fluid manufactures
infinite desire///so because the reproduction gland of my
brain=doll....insanity is replicated///the marionette that does it your
self-consolation dives....the clone of the blue sky
annihilates....the cadaver that your sun becomes the horizon of the zero of
DNA toward++your eternity when becomes" the negative murder machine of a
womb-area commits suicide to the herd of the
drug....neuralgia....replicant-placenta"_your storage be where?_


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