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brain cell diffuses....a chromosome resolves it....i murder cut the synapse
of the end of a butterfly and attach the DNA that does the worldly desires
of a girl to the skull like my larva that kisses the ADAM++sun and and to
the ovarium of the artificial pupil--murderous melody of the artificial sun
that the skin tissue of a clone discharges the brain of the embryo that the
machine of the womb dashes to as it is your sponge form hell where recovers
the ants of my despair is paralyzed....nightmare that you were lost is being
awoke....body registers the dog of chaos and be eroded::be infectious the
cadaver/mode of the artificial sun that expand the gimmick of thinking to
the machine line of the pupil of ADAM (body of a boy spins toward an
infinite-cyber_nerve is broken_the cadaver of my universe/my infinite small.
chromosome that the gene that a cell is mad with joy kill each other takes
the end of a boy to the pupil that dried***my nightmare does the blue of the
sky this monochrome of the sun that was betrayed suck=blood breeds the love
of a clone with the interior of the womb of "the disillusionment"
and++++emotion of the zero that an embryo invades the drugy-body of a girl
and was filled to chaos is filled with chaos.. my brain is intimidated in
the reverse side in the moon and be raped to the acrobatic suicide-organ of
an angel. nerve paints the spiral of soul and be stiffening it is torn to
the pupil of the sun that was broken in no time--number that listens to
their lonely substance dismantles my replicant-consciousness that circulates
to clonic- body=fluid to the infinite anthropoid of ants_so only when will
make flowers bloom the virgin of a clone to the fractal internal organ of
the fatalities_you faded away to storage of only when of wolf....

Kenji Siratori

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