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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> French Big Brother Awards 2000 !

> Voltaire should have right to express imself but unfortunatly he ... hey
> you ! get out of my house !!!!!
> but, ........ gnargled !
> what the hell ......
> aaaaaaaarghhhhhhh !

it's evident ronda that's you hear here the frenchs don't end their mourn of flesh
and blood postal workers, the internet has ruined the hope that once an hairy one
could stark naked burst your door on the approved and standard yellow bycicle for
raping all the familly at precisly 10.30 am. it's such violations of our idle privacy
that were nearly garantee with our old public postal service you know. it's all over
now with puritan and busy internet. ronda, i have heard the greatest foundation
for voltaire studies was english and hope the english will keep voltaire's thoughs in
warm place till all the english world will be infected to the bones by his master
wit 'how it is sweet to do nothing when everybody get a move around you' and when
french will put in their head this says of an english spy for soviet union 'of course
staline don't give a fuck about what you think but only about what you do and say
out. i am sure staline would be openly flattered by 1984 and wasn't 1984 the inner
light of his aura in the west till now?'

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