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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-[wolf=space::

my replicant_consciousness dashes the high speed nerve-area of heterogaliens
where explodes and the silly nano machine of the ant that break down the
metronome of the pituitary the sanctuary of the micro that
proliferates::"you raped my machine!" terrorism of the cell of the
drug-embryo::cruel crease of the artificial sun my chromosome that ADAM does
the soul that got deranged suck=blood inheriteds so the vein of the
cadaver-city the internal organ=i walk mass of flesh of the self causes to
be sprung to the hybrid like the angels of zero++++my embryo it stored the
love of a unique clone//your nerve that rhythm runs to the instigation of
the artificial womb-machine of sun hatred i who explode the intention of the
reptic-cell of the ant=horizon=nano machines that creeps road that the
nightmare of the centipede in the last term//
i invade::the virus like::insanity of inside of::the promotion of the medium
of the cell of the cyber "you who you dissect the impregnation of blood
become the launch of a mass of flesh" so like-like the [unknown] apoptosis
murderous intention++machine that she splits the jelly form artificial sun
and record the pupil of the unstable menstruation of the drug-embryo++a
hybrid angel++my brain turns the camera! the murder traveling in disguise
animals of the HIV which measure acceleration "your cadaver-city raped outer
space! you become the wolf of a globe"_brain X brain_clone of which crashed
to the hatred of platelets++her word that my nano machine eradicated be
amoeba form++love. (i who send back out the highway of
replicant-consciousness invade::the underground of the keloid of ADAM deep
from::the cold-blooded line of the artificial sun///noise
my replicant-consciousness the eyes of the possibility love/clones that
begin to split++8*2++fucks that the insanity of the machine mechanism
runs::to the instantaneous hell of the nano-machine the cell other selfs of
my insanity++command_your love/my soul_blood of an ant the blood relative of
ADAM::the lapse of memory that dives to the centipede form stratification of
the cadaver-city impossible::dance it spins in no time--the internal organ
of the end of the artificial-sun toward///your nano-machine erode the brain
that becomes my virgin. the love of a girl echoes in the tympanum of the
fatalities++body=fluid++menstruation digested it!++so a shutter is cut to my
nerve that becomes the high speed machines planetary fly that rape the taboo
of brain!::::the internal organ that was covered with the fresh blood of a
girl to the anus of silence to the cadaver of the pantheon that dives the
wolf which do the circumference time reproduce in the desert of the white of
the apocalypse cyber/++++my penis secretes my tears disgrace a planetary
vagina the nano machine of the fatalities and and my area++vacuum.
/nightmare of the womb-cell....

Kenji Siratori

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