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[Nettime-bold] (no subject) - male fascist filth

>from: (Ivo Scoric)
>subject: Focus on Global Issues
>White Rabbit Cult:
>Gas Prices:
>Somewhat coinciding, although maybe not directly related, with the 
>NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, in March last year 
>OPEC agreed to trim oil production. The prices are rising ever 
>since. I spend about eight dollars a week more on gasoline than I 
>did last year at the same time doing the same job that requires me 
>to commute 32 miles a day. A 62% increase. With my income 
>level this starts to bite into my "way of life." I guess that affects 
>millions of people and makes them unhappy, not just me. 
>Evidently, unlike with Kuwait, oil can't be called upon as a reason 
>for the U.S. involvement in the Balkans. People may begin to ask 
>why are we spending money pretending to be good Samaritans 
>around the globe, when there is nothing in it for us, and the gas 
>prices nearing its 1980 gas crisis levels are definitely not the 
>encouraging factor. They killed the Democratic campaign then, 
>they may do it again. Republican candidates are toying with 
>isolationism card, and more and more people are looking their way. 
>Unlike the current administration, the next one may not be as 
>committed to "straightening bended rivers" (a Yugoslav saying 
>meaning trying to do utopian things), which may prove disastrous 
>to the Balkan crisis. One possible route is to admit Iraq oil back to 
>the world markets - which is a tough choice: appease one dictator 
>(Hussein) to be able to fight another (Milosevic).
>Two Starbucks coffee shops were destroyed during the anti-WTO 
>demonstrations in Seattle. A Starbucks shop was demolished by a 
>large metal ball in the movie Fight Club (and in the book) a few 
>months before Seattle. Earlier, Starbucks was featured as world 
>headquarters of Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers sequel. As early as 
>April 1999 Newsweek reported that the glass storefront of 
>Starbucks in Portland, Maine was smashed three (3) times in the 
>single month.  So just out of curiosity I did a little on-line research 
>into why Starbucks is an object of such hatred:

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