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[Nettime-bold] (en/de) very urgent action: stop tomorrow's deportation of hakkiyildirim

[this is a very urgent call to send protest faxes, in order
to prevent an individual deportation. we hope as much people
as possible will join this short-time protest right now. the last 
fax campaigns against deportations were successful in almost
every case. of course we won't send each single call to
nettime from now on. but those, who want to receive such messages 
further on, are invited to subscribe to cross-l, a low-traffic 
mailing list, especially dedicated to that kind of urgent actions. --> join ]


1 MAR 2000

Hakki Yildirim a 17 years old Kurdish boy from Lilienthal is to be
deported tomorrow (2nd of March)

 Since the beginning of February the Evangelic Parish of Lilienthal had
granted him church sanctuary. After a massive medial witch-hunt and a
signature campaign by right-wing locals police raided the sanctuary and
took Hakki out of the youth centre's chapel on February 25th. This
morning Hakki's second asylum application was rejected.

Right now Hakki's friends are occupying the Social Democratic Party
bureau in Bremen. They have already achieved that the Bremen Social
Democrats expressed their opposition to Hakki's deportation in a letter
directed to the Lower Saxony Interior ministry, whose head is a Social

Please send protest faxes to the Lower Saxony Interior ministry

Home minister Heiner Bartling 
Fax: +49 511 1206550 



Hakki Yildirim, ein 17- jähriger Kurde aus Lilienthal, soll morgen, den
2.März abgeschoben werden.

Seit Anfang Februar gewährte ihm die evangelische Kirchengemeinde
Lilienthal Kirchenasyl. Am 25. Februar stürmte die Polizei nach einer
massiven Hetze durch die Medien und eine BürgerInneninitiative das
Kirchenasyl und holten Hakki aus dem sakralen Raum. Heute morgen wurde
der Asylfolgeantrag abgelehnt.

Zur Stunde erreichten die Freunde Hakkis durch die Besetzung der SPD
Zentrale in Bremen, daß sich die Bremer Landes SPD in einem Brief an das
SPD-geführte Niedersächsisches Innenministerium gegen Hakkis Abschiebung
ausgesprochen hat.

Schickt sofort Protestfaxe an das Innenministium Hannover:

Innenminister Heiner Bartling Niedrsächsisches Innenministerium 
Fax (0511) 12 06 550 


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