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[Nettime-bold] Re: job opportunity

a. zuper. please ensure your company's nato.0+55 license is
upgraded to a multi license prior 2. zfrk + danke. 

Netochka Nezvanova - 1st life form 2 operate at attosecond 
intervals + flamboyant scientist. business woman + self aggrandizer.

kome tout monde. i.e all __thinking life forms.

permitting the __thinking loop to feedback 
sufficiently so as to experience pleasure.
brrr. thinking macht ganz gluckl!ch + fre!.

Netochka Nezvanova
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

>Job Opportunity
>Sound Traffic Control, A cutting edge Experimental Music/Video presentation
>group is searching for a qualified individual to assist in production and
>development of our multi-channel surround video system.  We are beginning
>production for a 2-night "Recombinant" show in NYC in October that features
>an extensive list of experimental, electronic, and even slightly mainstream
>acts to be presented through our 12-channel surround audio and 9-channel
>video system.
>The Video Engineer Assistant will need to quickly learn the operation and
>machinations of our custom network-Macintosh-based video control/sampler
>software and be able to assist in troubleshooting and guest-artist
>production of video pieces.  Some video production and editing will most
>likely be involved, as well as some testing and programming in the Max
>The Ideal candidate will have experience with a strong subset (or all!) of
>the following:  Quicktime, Opcode Max and the nato55 object, a strong
>knowledge of MIDI and MIDI sequencing, Macintosh OS9 troubleshooting,
>EditDV (or similar video editors), Digital video hardware, DV and Firewire,
>video patching and switchers, audio/video sync issues, video sampling,
>ethernet networks, strong interpersonal skills to work with a variety of
>artistic visions, and an instatiable desire to facilitate the production of
>immersive audio/video environments.
>The postition is part-time for approx. 4 months (approx May-August), with
>possibility of extension. The position may be ideal as a paid student
>internship.  Location is in San Francisco, in the Bayview area.
>Our website is at
>Please send a resume and cover letter that outlines your experience,
>interests, job history, and love of homestyle cookin'.  Max portfolios are
>LEV List Webpage :

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