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[Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: RHIZOME RAW: RE: webby award 2000- Ausschreibungfür Internetkunst

Take your corporate earth destroying awards you got
from kissing their greedy asses and fuck off!

Brad Brace Conor McGarrigle wrote:
> >
> >But even if there _wasn't a silly, DIVISIVE award...
> OK I can appreciate that art isn't a competitive sport and that it's be nice
> if there were no competitive prizes..BUT lets face it people like
> competitions (especially with a cash prize) and there is nothing like a
> competition to attract people's interest and the fact is that this
> competition will increase people's awareness of net based art which is good
> for all of us. There are a few aspects of the award that I like:
> - it's open submission, these things are often by invitation only it's not
> a case of rounding up the usual suspects.
> - an artist gets 50 grand
> - it's for a body of work, not for a single masterwork
> - an artist gets 50 grand
> - it's only for net artists
> - an artist gets 50 grand, there are not enough awards that go directly to
> artists that are large enough to make a difference I don't care where it
> comes from I don't think that is silly I really don't!
> >
> >Slip-slip-sliding-away... again!
> >
> >Can't you see what is happening? You don't have to put-up with this crap.
> >
> >I used to sort-of understand how long-oppressed artists _might be
> >compelled to accept whatever little random dribble might be offered from
> >their institutional-oppressors... no-matter-what because that was all that
> >they might-if-they-were-lucky-and-kissed-the-right-asses-ever-expect. It
> >was _more about blindly presumed and delayed promise -- pervertedly
> >perpetually displaced possibility. But NOW?
> Oh come on this is all posturing, I am very interested in artists rights,
> I'm a member of an artists union that negotiates collectively (and gets real
> benefits that matter) with government and galleries on behalf of artists.
> This kind of OTT whining advances nothing, if you are interested in artists
> rights do something about it. I also don't understand this vilification of
> David Ross, he is one of the only Museum Directors who cares about net art,
> he extracts 50k from such rich guy but he hasn't carpeting his parking space
> in hand made carpet with it he's giving to artists and he's the bad guy?.
> Brad you should spend less energy whining and do something positive- who
> knows you might actually change something.
> I say fair play to David Ross and well done to whoever wins.
> Conor
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