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[Nettime-bold] Reclamation of Independence (fwd from the street)

The recent election and the passage of Propositions 18, 19, 21 and 22 have
prompted us to draft this letter to the State of California:

Reclamation of Independence

When in the course of inhuman events, it becomes necessary for the people
to take back their independence from those who oppress them, a decent
respect to the opinions of humankind require that they should declare the
causes which impel them to the reclamation. These causes include:

- A criminal justice system which incarcerates two million people,
disenfranchises them, uses their labor to to enrich those those who locked
them up, and tires to silence voices of dissent.

- An occupying army (sometimes called a police force) which murders and
oppresses communities of color under the pretense of "A War on Drugs."

- A two party dictatorship, corrupted by corporate greed, which continues
to pass racist, sexist and homophobic legislation under the false pretense
of "cutting down on crime" and "protecting the sanctity of marriage."

- A university system which fails to meet the needs of its students while
committing its resources to developing weapons of war and other
destructive technologies.

- Primary and secondary schools which are under funded, understaffed and

- A media, wholly controlled by those same corporate interests, which
poisons our airwaves and our minds.

We, therefore, the students, the workers, the youth, the immigrants, the
people, in one word, the oppressed, have come together to say to you, the
tyrants in government and corporations, we have had enough! Ya basta! We
are taking back our world, our communities, and our lives!

Join us this Saturday, March 11th, as we begin to reclaim our independence!

East Bay: Come to People's Park in Berkeley at Noon.
West Bay: Come to Union Square in San Francisco at Noon.


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