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[Nettime-bold] <> presents VUK COSIC

CalArts and the Museum of Contemporary Art in
Los Angeles present Vuk Cosic
Wednesday March 22 at 8:00 PM.

The presentation is free to the public and will be in
the MOCA Ahmanson Auditorium, 250 South Grand Ave.

Vuk Cosic, from Belgrade and now based in Ljubljana, is
a pioneering net.artist. His constantly evolving oeuvre is
characterized by a mix of philosophical, political and
conceptual network-related issues, mixed with a strong
contemporary urban and underground aesthetic.

In 1997 he shocked the art world by stealing the
Documenta X web site right before it was to be taken
off line to be marketed as a CD-ROM.

Cosic works at the Ljubljana Digital Media Lab in
Slovenia, providing websites for the Slovenian cultural
community and supporting education, research, and work
with the Internet, digital video, electronic arts, radio
and hardware production. He has also worked as a
political activist and has a background in archaeology.

For more information on Vuk Cosic see:

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