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[Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: RE: webby award 2000- Ausschreibung für Internetkunst

>But even if there _wasn't a silly, DIVISIVE award...

OK I can appreciate that art isn't a competitive sport and that it's be nice
if there were no competitive prizes..BUT lets face it people like
competitions (especially with a cash prize) and there is nothing like a
competition to attract people's interest and the fact is that this
competition will increase people's awareness of net based art which is good
for all of us. There are a few aspects of the award that I like:
- it's open submission, these things are often by invitation only it's not
a case of rounding up the usual suspects.
- an artist gets 50 grand
- it's for a body of work, not for a single masterwork
- an artist gets 50 grand
- it's only for net artists
- an artist gets 50 grand, there are not enough awards that go directly to
artists that are large enough to make a difference I don't care where it
comes from I don't think that is silly I really don't!

>Slip-slip-sliding-away... again!
>Can't you see what is happening? You don't have to put-up with this crap.
>I used to sort-of understand how long-oppressed artists _might be
>compelled to accept whatever little random dribble might be offered from
>their institutional-oppressors... no-matter-what because that was all that
>they might-if-they-were-lucky-and-kissed-the-right-asses-ever-expect. It
>was _more about blindly presumed and delayed promise -- pervertedly
>perpetually displaced possibility. But NOW?

Oh come on this is all posturing, I am very interested in artists rights,
I'm a member of an artists union that negotiates collectively (and gets real
benefits that matter) with government and galleries on behalf of artists.
This kind of OTT whining advances nothing, if you are interested in artists
rights do something about it. I also don't understand this vilification of
David Ross, he is one of the only Museum Directors who cares about net art,
he extracts 50k from such rich guy but he hasn't carpeting his parking space
in hand made carpet with it he's giving to artists and he's the bad guy?.

Brad you should spend less energy whining and do something positive- who
knows you might actually change something.

I say fair play to David Ross and well done to whoever wins.




Stunned ArtZine

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