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>A Sort Of "Simulation-Sincerity"

A Sort Of und!lutd afas!k per4 manz b! male marzup!alz
<=> dze degree ov elokuensz ov dze vokal aparatuz 
ov 0+1 rat objekt dur!ng 0+1 erorfr! konzonant ztream _||- dze ganz zubt!l art ov pur!t!
mozt abz !makulat ol!gonukleot!dez
0+1 l!f objekt = kan purchasz avec
ueztrn ko!nz - kurvatr kolapz

>"Pussy and Beer was a simulation. My ex-girlfriend lives in Berlin and I 
>never took any risquÈ Polaroids of her during the duration of our otherwise 
>tumultuous affair.  I don't even usually drink Budweiser beer and I'm not 
>sure I am the correct Cary Peppermint anyway."
>- Cary Peppermint from Santiago, Chile, via phone interview
>"Pussy and Beer and Online Auction via" provoked responses ranging 
>from annoyed, self-described feminists to a loose group of irreverent sports 
>fans.  It is conceivable, however that all responsive parties to the work 
>were united in their undeniable state of arousal regarding the gesture of an 
>artist who auctioned a set of erotic Polaroids of  his ex-girlfriend and a 
>case of beer using the online services of  When asked about his 
>intentions with the work Peppermint says, "I wanted to feel judgment and 
>morality directed upon me.  I wanted to access a junction in myself where I 
>am capable of such a base act of betrayal and perversion.  The most 
>successful aspect of this simulation is that I did in fact begin to feel the 
>pangs of guilt exacerbated by the fact that several 'artists' even refused 
>to speak to me for a while.   Also interesting was the fact that many people 
>wouldn't address the work by its proper title, instead referring to it as 
>'The Beer Piece'."  For Peppermint this was a sort of psychological probe, 
>an assessment of where we are morally and politically situated within the 
>micro-cosm of the online art world and beyond.  When asked about the 
>validity of works of simulation on the part of the artist Peppermint shrugs, 
>"The advertising world and its incessant stream of texts tells lies in the 
>service of capital and exchange. I attempt to locate a sincerity amidst the 
>same system of lies only this time in the service of art and at a 
>personalized cost of my own psyche, a sort of 'simulation-sincerity'."
>Pussy and Beer
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