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Watch over 500 channels of Digital Broadcast quality television
 on your own FREE satellite television system.These new Digital
satellite systems use the new 18 inch satellite dish antenna. For
 a limited time we'll give you this top of the line Digital Satellite
System for FREE!  We'll even include Free installation! This is a
top of the line system with features like on screen graphics, dual
LNB, stereo receiver and infrared remote. All you have to do is
call us to arrange delivery and order the channels you want to
 receive. The monthly cost of satellite television is usually much
 less than cable T.V and satellite television offers over 500
 channels of all digital broadcast video quality and CD audio.
You even get local channels now. Don't miss this offer it's
only available while supplies last.
    For your Free Satellite System call   888-245-3201
 24 hours a day.

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