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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Re: NOTHING WORSE

oh. sorry. I totally forgot to put a banner up on the page: "We refuse any
responsibility for damages to your body and mind as well as to your hard &
software, including disfunctional keyboards through any sort of body
secretions". You may call it elitism but if you can't get your PC to run a java
script, you have to stay out of the all.quiet digital wonderland. You better go
down the pub. It's a social place and the closer you get towards 11pm you can
study basic human behavior there.

cheers, b.

> Buy a laptop and take your website to the pub with you, just get rid of that
> multi-coloured fade or you'll be cleaning puke out of the keyboard.

 Bernhard Loibner

 "Komponieren ist ein Synonym für komputieren."
 Villem Flusser

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