Mihajlo Acimovic on Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:12:23 +0100

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Syndicate: contacts wanted/traze se kontakti

There are more than a few activists in Vienna, Austria, including myself, who are looking for contacts in Serbia, Montenegro, Vojvodina and Macedonia. The reason is war. We have all been actively engaged in antiwar activities, in the past. Now, there is the possiblity of one or more wars breaking out in these territories, within less than a year. We do not know if this will happen or not and we will not waste our time on guessing. But if something like that would happen, we would remain connected by email only to activists in Serbia and to some people in Vojvodina and Macedonia who aren`t really regular about writing reports and/or aren`t very engaged in direct antiwar opposition. The first most important thing is to have communication. We need people who will be there to tell us what (they think) is going on, around the clock, without being payed for it. Also, if war or something similar happens, we want to know this on day one and to immediately have an antiwar press release!
 going out, signed by people from each of the sides/groups/territories/countries/borders/languages/or/whatever
In case there are any antiwar/antimilitarist/pacifist/anarchist/environmentalist/antinationalist actions and initiatives going on there, we want to know, so we can support them from here (public presentation, maybe fundraising also).
We also need to know how sharp is the situation, what is happening with existing/possible social conflicts, etc.
This initiative is just starting out. There are nice people, plenty of initiative and good will. They need someone to talk to. Will you answer?

in the name of everybody
Mihajlo Acimovic

Vienna, October 24th, 1999.

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