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Syndicate: Gifted Curator Engaged in Onufri ^Q99 Preparations


Gifted Curator Engaged in Onufri â??99 Preparations 

               TIRANA - This yearâ??s edition of Onufri Competition of
Visual arts, an international event, will be held towards the end of next
month, its curator, Gazmend Muka, told newspapers.

               This competition, which is a continuation of Onufriâ??98,
successfully organized last year by the other distinguished curator, Edi
Muka, includes 40 foreign participants.

               They are mainly from Italy, Germany, Austria, England,
Finland, Macedonia,
               Kosovo, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and China. Muka
confirmed that
               foreign notable gallery curators and famous editors from
world art agencies are
               expected to take part in it. Onufri â??99 is an exhibition
that promotes the modern,
               post-modern and experimental art through exploring other
brand new media-art
               forms, installations or conceptual art.

               According to Muka, the century-end exhibition gives
priority to the contemporary
               art and to give an impetus to the re-dimension of the
traditional Albanian art.

               Muka said that the success of this competition may help in
the future in the
               organization of an Albanian biannual visual competition
with a large international

               Muka is a graduate in the Academy of Fine Arts as painter
and graphic designer.
               This year, he was appointed as a restorer in the Byzantine
Art Department of the
               Institute of Monuments. Through his career, he has restored
many Byzantine
               icons and frescos. Muka, specialised in Bologna University,
the oldest in the
               world, has successfully taken part in many national and
international activities and
               awarded many prizes.

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