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Syndicate: Fwd: From Danas

The article below is from the Belgrade daily newspaper Danas. Danas is an anti-nationalist, anti-war newspaper funded by the likes of Soros. It has the lowest circulation from the Soros-funded bunch and the highest level of professionalism, whatever I mean by that. During the NATO bombing, they published no author`s articles, just (official and censored) agency news. They are for a capitalism in gloves, a human rightish kind of thing. But the people who write for it are deeply aware that they will never be given enough money to print more copies, or they would become dangerous. Therefore, their entire policy is based on being respected and accepted by foreign journalists and foundations, so they can maintain their funding, without loosing their "proffessionality" and thereby being allowed a bigger circulation (allowed by the funders). No real autonomy in their work, but they are not forced to lie so much and they had a lot of things other newspapers didn`t.
The way their newspaper looks like, compared to others of the kind, I agree with what they do. Otherwise, they are lying, concealing, hypocritical bastards. And I am using a lot of insulting language today, so I better stop now.


Respected gentlemen,

The last weekend, I went to the popular fleemarket in Pancevo. I was waiting for Beovoz at the station under the Pancevian bridge. On that occasion, I witnessed an event that has inspired me to write this letter and to try and get some answers. 
Sitting on a bench and waiting for the Beovoz, I noticed that the groups of young Pancevians were loudly greeting each other with shouts "Long live free Vojvodina" and replies "Long live", raising the right hand and showing four fingers!
I loudly asked, more to myself than to the man sitting next to me, "What is this, now?", to what that man, more old than middle aged, almost angrily responded: "It is our, vojvodinian, autonomian greeting!"
The reason why I stopped any further inquiry was not so much his angry answer, as much the fact that a good portion of people present had followed this "greeting" with smiles and nodding their heads!
Now I am wondering, is there something happening in Vojvodina, that we in Belgrade and Serbia are not are really not aware of and is the regime press keeping another Kosovo scenario a secret from us, until it is all too late. That is why I want that you, as, in my opinion, our most respectable newspaper, iniciate on your pages a discussion on this issue.
G. S.
New Belgrade
(name and address known to the newsdesk)

*Pancevo is a city in Vojvodina, 19 Km from Belgrade. Beovoz is city-suburb Belgrade train system. The Pancevian bridge is in Belgrade. Four fingers (two Vs) are a nationalist symbol of Vojvodina, proclaimed and promoted by the League of Socialdemocrats of Vojvodina (which pretends to be an antiwar party and gets tons of money from Soros and the likes). It means - Vojvodina to the Vojvodinians".

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