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Syndicate: Delvaux's Dream

Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 12:14:51 -0500

Z K M    Karlsruhe

9.12.1999 - 9.1.2000

opening on  8.12.1999  at 19:00

michael bielicky


Delvaux's Dream

The desire to enter the picture plane by various symbolic and perceptual
strategies, an ancient dream that infuses human history since the earliest
iconographic forms, is today acquiring new impetus thanks to
computer-generated 3D models with convincingly penetrable characteristics,
and tracking devices which modulate digital worlds in keeping with
visitors' movements.

Michael Bielicky's Delvaux project takes the Belgian artist's fantasy world
as a starting point for his enterable painting experiment. The quiescent
eroticism of the Delvaux figures poised in settings that feature vestiges
bygone architectures, generates a singular sense of a space that remains
somehow vacuous, tainted with nostalgia, fundamentally estranged.
Reconstituted with digital technologies, the scene chosen by Bielicky can
be accessed and physically penetrated by the spectator using  a complex virtual
 set technology combined with a sofisticated tracking system
and a motion control camera .
The result is a situation of observed immersion: the live figure evolving in
the painting is visibly integrated into the surreal
landscape, but he himself is not experiencing this integration in any
direct manner - in fact, can only become aware of it if he watches himself
on a control monitor. Here, Bielicky's goal is not so much exploration of a
paining as an immersive construct, felt as such by the spectator, but
rather the sense of dislocation felt by the spectator as he evolves within
the projected environment, monitoring his own movements in this unreal
landscape on a screen display.

Michael Bielicky has been using computers for his projects since the
beginning of the 90s. He confronts traditional art media with programs from
virtual reality research in search for forms of expression and presentation
of the relationship between reality and simulation, between perception and

Concept and realisation:
Michael Bielicky

Petr Sarovsky >3D modelling
André Bernhardt >Tracking system
Gideon May >Application software

Supported by:
Orad Hi-Tec Systems GmbH Germany, Nipkov Program Berlin, DAAD Bonn,
Kunsthochschule für Medien Cologne, High Tech Center GmbH Potsdam-
Babelsberg, Silicon Graphic Czech Republic, ZKM Karlsruhe, Orad Hi-Tec
Systems Israel, Milemium  Gate Company Prague, Fishtalk Potsdam-Babelsberg,
Silver Prague, Virual Reality s.r.o. Brno, MultiGen Inc., Allon Adler, Sony
Europe Mobile Phones, Blue Space GmbH.

Special Thanks to:
Raymond Lesnigg, Uta Berg-Ganschow, Siegfried Zielinski, Peter Krieg, Uli
Hartmann-Koehler, Boris Goetze, Allon Adler,.Miki Tamir, Jeffrey Shaw,
Michal Cilek, Jorg Westerheide, Kristine Schroeder, Joachim Kurke.

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