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Syndicate: SOLIDARIDAD con MOUCHETTE Chain Campaign

[The SOLIDARIDAD con NETWORK ART Chain Campaigns are completely free of charges and will help a Net artist to recover health. So please forward to whom it may concern as much as you can.THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY.]


Dear syndicalists

Many of you know LITTLE FLY, but few know she was raped by a poacher. How many are they to know that LITTLE FLY is 13 years old when she falls in the pond ?
Since then, LITTLE FLY is still 13 and does not have of cease to want to finish, amongst ants and spiders. 

Today, LITTLE FLY is suffering of progeria, better known as the disease of anticipated ageing, and LITTLE FLY is tired. And all alone.

You may not be able to do much against progeria but you still can visit LITTLE FLY 

and -most important- send her a message 
to show her your solidarity in this terrible trial.

So please FORWARD this call, as much as possible diffuse it, do not cut the chain and point out you the SUBJECT, it is significant. 
Be the missing link! HELP LITTLE FLY !!

Votre YOU
Alban Saporos
Information Charity Business Chairman

Alban Saporos
critique d'art et commissaire d'exposition. 

"L'art a l'epreuve de l'information"
conseil aux artistes et licence de Systeme Nerveux Artistique. 
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