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Syndicate: Interstanding 3 - Beyond the Edge - Final Programm


BEYOND THE EDGE Escaping from Marginality

Tallinn, November 23 - December 12

Final Programme, November 22, 1999

>From November 23 to December 12  1999  the Centre for Contemporary Arts
Estonia, in co-operation with the Estonian Academy of Arts and various
partners, will organise a series of international art and media events in
Tallinn. INTERSTANDING3  is a follow-up event to the successful
Interstanding 1 and Interstanding 2 conferences which took place in Tallinn
in 1995 and 1997.

INTERSTANDING1:  Interstanding - Understanding Interactivity. International
Interdisciplinary Conference on Computer Mediated Communication and
Interactivity. The conference tried to create a coherent perspective on the
social, cultural and economic implications of an emerging global
infrastructure for computer-mediated communication and the interactive
multi-media industry. The conference aimed  to put these developments in
perspective for the Baltic and neighboring countries.

INTERSTANDING2:  The focus of the events shifted towards the possible
strategies and opportunities for the arts in the 'expanded field' of
electronic media and the world-wide interconnected computer networks.
Interstanding 2 addressed the possibilities and threats for free personal
and cultural expression in the emerging information society.

INTERSTANDING 3 will consist of separate layers of interrelated events:


Programme Day to Day:

>>>>>> Tuesday November 23 & Wednesday November 24 <<<<< workshop guided by Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits - OZONE /
E-lab (Riga)

>>>>> Thursday November 25, 1999 <<<<<<

17.00	Rottermann's Salt Storage Arts Centre, Ahtri 2, Tallinn

Interstanding Key Note Address:

Saskia Sassen  (Department of Sociology,  University of Chicago)

	"The new geography of power in a global era"

19.00	Rottermann's Salt Storage Arts Centre

Opening of the 6th Annual Exhibtion of the Center for Contemporary Art, Estonia
"Interstanding - Beyond the Edge"  November 26 - December 12, 1999

An international media-art exhibition in the Rotermann  Center for
Contemporary Art and Architecture.

Participating artists:

Zoe Beloff/USA, Luchezar Boyadijev/Bulgaria, Roza El-Hassan/Hungary, Jaanis
Garancs/Latvia, Harwood/UK, Takahiko Iimura/Japan, Eduardo Kac/USA, Kai
Kaljo/Estonia, Kiwa/Estonia, Adriene Jenik/USA, Marko Laimre/Estonia,
Russet Lederman/USA, Zhao Liang/China, Tony Oursler, Constance
DeJong&Stephen  Vitiello/USA, Ervin Ã?unapuu/Estonia, Zoltan
Szegedy-Maszak&Márton Fernezelyi/Hungary, Telematic Workgroup (Benjamin
Bachmann, Marcus Carl, Frank Fietzek, Jan Heise, Stefanie Körner, Matthias
Lehnhardt, Stefan Rosendorf, Kirsten Rusche, Uli Winters)/Germany, Jon
Thomson&Alison Craighead/UK, Mare Tralla/Estonia/UK, Cátálin
Vastagu/Romenia, group Very Hopeful (Arvids Alksnis, Martins Ratniks,
Dzintars Licis, Peteris Kimelis)/Latvia, Vesna Vesic/Yugoslavia

22.00	Mustpeade Maja, Pikk 26

CLUB Interstanding
live acts: monophon (ger), elast (riga), uni, pastacas
dj's: varka crew (riga), raul saaremets (rubu cru), erkki tero (side,
heven), aivar tõnso (ulmeplaadid)

video-mix by f5 art team (riga) & wireframe (tallinn)

live internet broadcast by net radio ozone (e-lab, riga)

>>>> Friday November 26, 1999 <<<<<<

Conference:	"Beyond the Edge - Escaping from Marginality"
		Rottermann's Salt Storage Arts Centre, Ahtri 2, Tallinn

11.00 	Welcome - Ando Keskküla & Katrin Kivimaa
11.15	Introduction - Eric Kluitenberg (Amsterdam)
11.30	Carl Biorsmarck (Locomotive, Riga) - Borderland
12.00	Luchezar Boyadjiev (Sofia) - <>

12.30 	 	BREAK

13.00	Graham Harwood (London) - Mongrel / National Heritage
13.45	Mike Riemel (Berlin) - Sub-culture-bizz-media - Rumours about open
community ghetto's

14.30 		BREAK

15.00	Linnar Viik (Tallinn) - Connectivity for Estonia
15.30	Pit Schultz (Berlin) - nettime: a model for distributed net discourse

16.15 - 17.00	Closing Discussion Day 1

Evening Programme

Rottermann's Salt Storage Arts Centre, Ahtri 2, Tallinn

17.30	Artist Presentations:
	- Julia Friedman (Chicago) - Eduardo Kac's Genesis
	- Ravi Jain (Boston) -- Works

>>>>>> Saturday November 27, 1999 <<<<<<

 Conference:	"Beyond the Edge - Escaping from Marginality"
		Rottermann's Salt Storage Arts Centre, Ahtri 2, Tallinn

11.00 	Stephen Kovats (New York) - Ostranenie 1993 - 1997 / Media Revolution
11.45	Marko Peljhan (Ljubljana) - Insular Technologies

12.30		BREAK

13.00	Katrin Kivimaa (Tallinn) - A (trans-)local critique
13.30	Hanno Soans (Tallinn) - Backdoor Media
14.00	Raivo Kelomees (Tallinn) - Media Non Grata

14.30		BREAK

15.00	Stephen Kovats - Wrap Up of Interstanding #3, followed by

Closing Debate
Moderated by Stephen Kovats & Eric Kluitenberg,
With: Luchezar Boyadjiev, Ando Keskküla, Raivo Kelomees, Katrin Kivimaa,
Marko Peljhan, Mike Riemel, Pit Schultz, Hanno Soans, and others?


Escaping from Marginality

A two-day conference in Tallinn, November 26 & 27

The conference will bring together critical ideas about art, media and the
new international orders of culture and economy.


Critical cultural activity has always identified itself with an existence
at the edge of society, but that position has become increasingly dubious.
Increasingly we seem to be living in a society without clear and fixed
boundaries: A globally interconnected economic and social system with
constantly shifting borders.

Our time seems to be one of limitless possibility. Ideas and money travel
at the speed of light through virtual networks, and capital can accumulate
in boundless quantities.

Our time also seems to be one of limitless brutality and violence (Rwanda /
Kosovo). A time of limitless political transformation, where empires
disintegrate without a clear reason (SU). A time also where new economies
collapse even more quickly than they emerged (Asian Tigers). Where the
dream of independent economic success is bought away by foreign investors
overnight (Estonia and other newly 'emerging states').

The boundaries of society have become so fluid and open that any attempt to
define what exists 'inside' and 'outside' of the social framework becomes
irrelevant. The edge of culture can quickly be turned around into a
profitable mainstream trend. The outsider becomes the trend-setter, the
oblique the eccentric, the perverted the exclusive. Otherness is embraced
as a market opportunity. Meanwhile, authoritarian politics implode, but
re-emerge shortly after as if nothing ever happened (Juganov).

The role of the avantgarde artist, finally, becomes a tragic joke. The
advertisement industries have long understood the shock of the new, and
make art look retrograde. The utopian visionaries have become entrenched in
an increasingly self-referential art-scene that propagates itself through
exclusive coffee-table books and glossy international art-zines.

So, where is the edge?

The third Interstanding "Beyond the Edge", should be understood as an
attempt to get away from the clichés of what supposedly constitutes the
edge in culture, in social live and in politics (be it regional or
international). By leaving behind the false oppositions between "system"
and "opposition", between mainstream and so-called sub-culture, it could
also be an attempt to escape both repressive systems as well as a marginal
existence 'at the edge'.

The aim is to  map out a new territory of culture, social live and power
that reveals new opportunities and new discontinuities for critical
cultural activity; inside society, as well as in the shifting
constellations of the international community.

 	It is necessary to map the new minefields,
	to avoid treading on a misplaced shell....


- NYYD - International Contemporary Music Festival, Tallinn, November 23 - 29

- offline@online media art festival
   The 2nd editionof this festival, called "Media Non Grata",
   is organised in conjunction with Interstanding 3 by the
   E-Media Center, of the Estonian Academy of Arts,
   in Tallinn, November 25-26

Interstanding 3  - Editorial Team:
   - Sirje Helme
   - Ando Keskküla
   - Eric Kluitenberg (Amsterdam)
   - Stephen Kovats (Dessau / New York)

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