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Syndicate: Netshop#2 brief description

Dear syndicalists:

My name is David Casacuberta and I've been coordinating -in the formal
and boring  sense of it :-D - a gathering of digital artists and
curators from syndicate mailing list at ZKM. The project was adscribed
to the net condition exhibition at ZKM (Karlsruhe) and more
specifically, under the umbrella of "theLounge", curated by Walter van
der Cruijsen.

More info about theLounge at:


While in Karlsruhe we developed an installation that was a sort of
deconstruction of a Zen Garden using spare computer parts and
motherboards which also included sound loops. There is also a virtual
version of the installation, that you can visit in the web at:


Here's a list of artists and curators/theoreticians invited to the

       Bellonzi, Marco
       Blissett, Luther
       Casacuberta, David
       Daka, Eri
       Duque, Alejo
       García, David
       Globokar, Aleksandra
       Haxhihyseni, Florian
       Huedo, Ana
       Hunger, Francis
       Kuke, Ergi
       Peraica, Ana
       Shkurti, Gentian
       Zeleznikar, Jaka

We only had a week to develop a project, we were fourteen people, and
most of us haven't seen each other before, so the works that you can see
either on the ZKM exhibition or in the web have to be taken just as work
in progress, as an example on how a decentralized network such as
syndicate can be used to develop joint projects, not as finished

ZKM gave us monetary support -money for trips and food-, free housing,
technical support and free space in a server. A big "thank you" from me
to all the people that make it possible, and a very big one -as big as
ZKM building :-D-  to  Karen Feldhaus and Walter van de Cruijsen for all
their help and personal involvement  to keep the good work going,
despite the complexities of the bureacratic tasks in a mastodontic and
somewhat Kafkian place such as ZKM.

Unfortunately, deadlines are haunting me, and I have a couple of
congresses to attend next week, so I'm just able to write a short
description right now. In the beggining of december I'll have some more
free time so I'll try write a longer piece explaining what we did, what
were our personal experiences, and so on...

Best wishes:

David Casacuberta

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