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Syndicate: Feminism: Performance Art Netcast!

>Friday, November 19, 1999 Feminism:
>Ilona Granet, "Rape";
>Kim Irwin / Jody Oberfelder, " X-Cheerleaders";
>Moe Angelos and Peg Healey, "Dreamworld";
>Kriota Willberg, "Doggie Style."
>The Feminist performance artists of the late 60s and early 70s helped to
>chop a clearing in the mostly white male artscape. Lucy Lippard ceased to
>write about men, devoting herself for a number of years to organizing and
>proselytising on behalf of women. The Women's Building was founded in Los
>Angeles. The great pioneers Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Smith, Eleanor
>Antin, Rachel Rosenthal, Yvonne Rainer presented sexuality, political and
>quotidian concerns (this is done all the time now but it was not done at
>the time); and Suzanne Lacy, Leslie Labowitz, Linda Montano, Susan Mogul,
>Jerri Allyn, Martha Rosler, Cheri Gaulke--and this was just in Los
>Angeles--expanded upon Feminist theory and practice as solo artists in as
>well as in groups comprised of some of the same artists, such as the
>Feminist Art Workers and the Waitresses. The most horrible dismissal one
>could dish out in the 70s was that your work was "personal and
>self-indulgent." So the Feminists turned this notion on its head and came
>up with the idea that the personal is political, a concept that has shaped
>the last portion of the 20th century.
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