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Syndicate: speed, texts & connections


a text exchange idea by trAce....
feel free to disseminate to relevant textual souls.



>SPEEDFACTORY: trAce Online Email Project
>Online: http://trace.ntu.ac.uk
>Speedfactory is a fast, collaborative email writing project which will take
>place on 24 November, and is open to all trAce members. Writers from around
>the world will email exactly 50 words to a partner, who will respond with
>exactly 50 words back within 20 minutes.
>Speedfactory will be co-ordinated by trAce Writer-in-Residence Bernard
>Cohen and Terri-ann White (author of Deep Immersion), and is based on a
>project they've undertaken with critic McKenzie Wark and poet John Kinsella.
>If you are interested, please email: Bernard  at bernard.cohen@ntu.ac.uk
>with details of your available times on the 24 November wherever you are in
>the world. If possible please translate into Greenwich Mean Time. Bernard
>and Terri-ann will try to pair you with someone on another continent.
>Alternatively, if you would prefer to name your partner, please include
>this in your email - but do make sure you have their permission to do so!
>Very close to the day, you will receive a trigger word. Then, as 24
>November 1999 disappears from Earth forever, email the outcomes to
>INFO: Bernard Cohen, trAce
>PH: ++44 (0)115 9486360 (direct line)
>FX: ++44 (0)115 9486364

========		: in transit
randomness is less a question of pooling knowledge

========		: amsterdam
than an accumulation of our uncertainties

========		: the netherlands
nasty little constructs that we may or may not be susceptible to are

========		: honor@va.com.au
surrounded by an incredible network of lines

========		: http://www.radioqualia.va.com.au


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