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FRIDAY, November 12th - 1-4pm
Huddersfield University and TEST present an event for Architecture week 1999

As part of Architecture Week 1999 we would like to ask what is the
relevance of architecture in an information rich media saturated age?

An interdisciplinary panel will consider architectural space beyond the
confines of strict professional or historical boundaries.

In presentations and audience discussions the panel will reflect on the
intersection of architecture with interface culture and media technologies.


Paul Bradley, Researcher, curator of the Dom  Hans Van der Laan  exhibition
'Thinking about Architecture' at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds.

Phil Dean, Creative Director of The Attik on 'graphics and corporate

Clive Gillman, Digital Artist, on Integrating Architecture and Interface at

Andrew Shoben, Greyworld
Sonic Architecture, 'playground' at Bretton Hall Sculpture Park and other

Lucy Kimbell, Artist
Launch - Installation, Chatham Docks and other works.

Matt Locke, Director, Test digital research facility and acting Chief
Executive, Kirklees Media Centre on 'the interface in the public realm.'

Chair:  Derek Hales, Architect, Course Leader, BA (hons) Virtual Reality
Design, BA (hons) Installation Art and Events, University of Huddersfield

Canalside West Lecture Theatre
University Campus, Queensgate, Huddersfield


1.00 pm
Canalside West foyer - demos:
Steven Atkinson, threeodoi - architecture and animation
Rick Hall, University of Huddersfield, Navisworks, real-time visualisation
Graphisoft, ArchiCAD demonstrations

Presentations by panellists

4.00 pm
Discussion and questions

6.00 pm
Kirklees Media Centre, Conference Room
V-I-P Launch
Special product launch to introduce V-I-P - the next generation of sexy toy

7.30 pm
Architecture & Media club/event
Kirklees Media Centre, Café bar



Matt Locke
Acting Chief Executive
Kirklees Media Centre

T:+44 (0)1484 431289
F:+44 (0)1484 513739

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