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Syndicate: jennifer defelice: cafe9.n

Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1999 22:17:17 +0100
From: jennifer defelice <>

This is a call for project proposals for the European
networking venue. is a networking project linking seven of the nine European
Culture Capitals 2000 cities to the wider Internet -- Avignon, Bologna,
Helsinki, Brussels, Reykjavik, Bergen, and Prague.  Each city will host
a cafe venue with up to eight networked PC computers and a
"stage" area.  The local venues will coordinate with each other in a
of projects, and will have a trained staff of hosts to facilitate public
participation. Each location will have a good Internet connections,
access to
servers and a full range of ISDN/IP-based technologies and services
FTP, IRC, multi-point ISDN video-conferencing with a video-stage,
telnet, www/vrml-hosting, real-audio/video  and other streaming media
servers, with additional technologies as they become available.

We are seeking projects that emphasize the use of the local and global
Internet as a creative space for communications, learning, artistic
and the construction of long-term social networks. The venues will be
open to the public during the months of
September and October 2000, with the month of August reserved for
and testing.  There are no geographic limitations for projects, although
originating from one of the European Culture Capitals or specifically
targeting network participants will receive special

Projects need to follow the basic technical and time limitations of
as outlined above.  Other technological resources may be proposed and
implemented depending on availability and funding.

Funding possibilities will be determined on a per-project basis.

Please send project proposals including the following information to
(the Local Coordinator or Content Coordinator)

Author or (responsible party):
Description that includes --
Nature of Interaction:
Funding (other sources?)/Budget/Financial Plan:
Network Scope:
Participant profile:
Timing / Schedule:
Specific technology required (Cafe9 resources, infrastructure, technical

Proposals will be considered from now until the venue resources and/or
funding are used up.

For further information or questions, please contact:


John Hopkins
Content Coordinator project

Kroma Productions Oy
Mannerheimintie 22-24
00100 Helsinki FINLAND

tel +358 (0)9 622 2057
fax +358 (0)9 622 2059
email: <>
mobile: +358 (0)40 711 5612

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