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Syndicate: Correction of ANEM Statement on Internet Censorship

Correction of ANEM Statement on Internet Censorship

BELGRADE, November 5th, 1999 - Association of Independent Electronic Media
(ANEM) has corrected some inaccuracies contained in it's public statement
made on November 2nd, regarding blocking of access to the Netherlands
server which hosts the FreeB92 web site by Yugoslav Academic Network.
Namely, by checking access possibilities to site from
different points within Yugoslav Academic Network ANEM has established
that the blocking was organized and implemented only in School of
Electrical Engineering in Belgrade controlled part of the Academic
Network, and that ANEM's own claim that School of Electrical Engineering
is executing blocking of site for the whole Yugoslav Academic
Network is not correct. The School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade
does not administer the whole Yugoslav Academic Network, and therefore
couldn't implement the censorship of site at parts of the
Academic Network it does not control. In it's today's statement, ANEM
apologized to managers and administrators of the Yugoslav Academic Network
for the incorrect information contained in ANEM's November 2nd statement
and reassured that such mistakes shall be avoided in the future. ANEM also
cleared whom it holds primarily responsible for web censorship,
emphasising that the decisionmakers, i.e.  School of Electrical
Engineering in Belgrade management, and not the technical administrators
who carry out their decisions are the most responsible. Lastly, ANEM made
clear that the fact that access blocking was made only by School of
Electrical Engineering controlled part of Yugoslav Academic Network does
not in any way dispute the illegality of such action, and repeated that it
upholds all of its remaining claims and positions made in its statement of
November 2nd.

Veran Matic, ANEM Chairman

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