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Syndicate: frost in foot of Fortress Europ

.....It's sunny and warm days in Czech Republic now.
Those days Czech Republic are celebrating the Indepedency which they got
after collapse of Austro-Hungarian empire.
.....It's dark and cold nights in Czech Republic now. 
In the middle of the night 25 Gipsy people including children were not
allowed to cross German border on their way to London where they suppose to
stay during two weeks. The reason for it is not enough money to stay there
(which is not true because they had quiet enough DM). Officially
established amount is 100Dm per person). They 
have been taken out from the link bus with which they came to the border.
After 4 hours of
unsuccessful appeal process to German border police (all their papers were
OK ) tired and exhosted all jipsy droup had no another choice as go back to
some Czech city. Checz border police said the they not allowed to comment
German border police action.
Main topic of discussions on all Czech channels is how soon Czech Republic
will join European Union empire. 
.....It's going to be frosty in the foot of Fortress Europe.

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