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>Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 13:18:02 +0100
>From: James Stevens <james@backspace.org>
>Subject: <BLINK>
>As you may have heard by now, everyone at Winchester Wharf Clink Street SE1
>has been given a notice to quit from the owner of 12 November...That means
>over 100 people will be loosing their place of work/play/community for the
>sake of irresistible capillaries on the part of the Borough Market. That's
>really not good news i know but hell we will be holding up resistance and
>are at work to complicate their efforts and extend a public uses for
>building, even in our absence,  into the new year.
>Heaven knows what will really turn out but in the meantime we are
>proceeding with plans for parties and events up to the end of the year
>anyway.... the first of these will be on friday 5th Nov called <blink> part
>of the volcano'99 film screening festival.
>a big Audio & Visual collision/open collaboration of those in clink street
>so please come down on the eve and see what we are up to...
>pass it on
>James Stevens					 http://bak.spc.org/volcano
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>Backspace/Winchester Wharf/Clink Street/London SE1 9DG  London Bridge Tube/BR
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