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Syndicate: Deadlines for Mediaterra festival / Athens

Mediaterra festival / Athens / Greece // December 11,12,13 1999

Deadline for cdrom + video submissions = November 1, 1999
Deadline for web-art = November 12, 1999

(Participants must come from the Mediterranean and Balkan countries.)
Competition fields of the festival:
Video art
Feature-length video art
Computer animation
Interactive Art (CD-ROM, DVD)
Web art
corresponding fields for schools and students (with competition fields for
the above categories)

Info + entry form:

Parallel to the festival = "PENDULUM International Symposium" <
http://www.otenet.gr/fournos/prog_en.htm#pendulum >

The main objective of the Symposium, as well as of the Festival, is to
promote a creative cultural dialogue between opposite sides and lead to the
discovery of the unexpecte : <Inspiration - Imitation> <Virtual - Real>
<Universal - Local>  <Space - Net>  <Authority - Freedom>  <Creativity and
Technology>  <Geography of the New Media>  <Delimiting of a Liquid Art>

For the virtual exhibition and competition of web based artworks:
With the exhibition we want to have an approximate view of the complex
artistic image of the Mediterranean and Balkan area. How is configured by
the local artistic intentions, will and feelings toward the international
(1. The works can be located anywhere in the net.
2. We are curious for works in local languages, related to the net space. 3.
Commercial commissioned works will not be accepted.)

All the submitted and accepted works will be linked in the site of Fournos,
and exhibited during the three days of the festival. For that purpose, about
5 PC's and 5 Mac's and a projector for screening the works will be

Fournos: http://www.otenet.gr/fournos
Mediaterra festival and Pendulum symposium:
In Greek: http://www.otenet.gr/fournos/main_gr.htm
In French: http://www.otenet.gr/fournos/fest99fr.htm
Contact and submissions: eikona@hol.gr ; addfield@ath.forthnet.gr

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