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Syndicate: Full Play - on-site media / dance perfoman



A spectacular site specific dance / hybrid media performance
in the Gasometer - Westergasfabriek,

Amsterdam, 5, 6 & 7 November

" the objects perceive us...."

Full Play is a research production, a spectacular hybrid media and
site-specific dance theatre performance, developed specifically for the
unique space of the gasometer of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Full
Play is developed in Cologne by Paolo Atzori, Anthony Moore, in
collaboration with Martin Butler and Paul Derksen, who both live and work
in Amsterdam. Full Play is a new production in the series "Electronic
Scenography", which consists of a series of  media / dance / theatre events
by Fabrizio Plessi and Paolo Atzori. The series included mayor productions
with choreographer Frederic Flamand, such as Titanic, Ex Machina, and
Moving Target.

The performance revolves around an interactive theatre machine that plays
on the archetypal notion of the 'theatron' (a place for seeing). The
natural mode of seeing and perceiving is confronted with an artificial form
of perception. This technological mode of perception is the basis for a
spectacular twelve-screen 360°  electronic panorama, built specifically for
the impressive space of the gasometer of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

The panorama reveals aspects of the choreography that otherwise remain
hidden for the human perceptual apparatus. It confronts the audience with
the sensation that " the objects perceive us" ( rather than the other
way around...)

The choreography re-instates the bodily domain in this technological locus,
this artificial place of seeing. The perceptiveness of the (integral) body
becomes a counterpoint to the disembodied data of the technological
perception apparatuses, the vision machines.

Full Play is a co-production of De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics
(Amsterdam) and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, and is produced in the
context of Kunst NRW.NL, a cultural co-operation project of The Netherlands
and North Rhine Westphalia.

Scenography: Paolo Atzori 	Musical Composition: Anthony Moore
Choreography: Martin Butler	Marek Goldowski & Peter Simon: Sound
Dramaturgy: Paul Derksen	Space Concept: Nicolas Desponds
Video: Thomas Tirel 		Digital Video Engineering: Ivo Andreew
Software / Interface Development: Robert O'Kane

"Electronic Scenography" web site with projects by Paolo Atzori & Fabrizio
Plessi, including the Full Play web site:

The concept of the "Vision Machine" that Paul Virilio outlined in his book
"La machine de vision" has played an important role in the conceptual
development of Full Play. An english translation of the text can be found
on-line at:

Practical Information

LOCATION: Gasometer Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

DATES: 5 (premiere), 6 & 7 November 1999.
(Try-out: November 4)

TIME: 21.00 hrs

TICKET RESERVERATIONS: +31.20 - 681 30 68
or AUB Uitlijn: +31.900.0191

PRICE:  f 15,- (CJP, Pas65, Stadspas) f 12,50

Further information  - De Balie (Amsterdam):
Tel. 020 - 553 51 51

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