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Syndicate: research about Manifesta 3

Subject: BOUNCE syndicate: Non-member submission from ["Ursa Jurman"
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 15:20:30 +0000
Subject: research about Manifesta 3


The research is taking place within the SCCA Network programe: 
"Research & Education in Contemporary Art in the Region" and is not 
a part of a Manifesta 3.

In the year 2000 the third Manifesta ( a European biannual event 
for contemporary fine arts) will be hosted in Ljubljana.
Within research Manifesta 3 will serve as an example of a large event 
of contemporary art which will enable us to study the operations of a 
contemporary art system as defined by the West, market 
mechanisms and the prevalent (postmodernist) ideology.

Within this research we will pay special attention to the following:
- analysing the Manifesta 3 self-image. 
We will pay special attention to the concept of the Manifesta 3 - 
"Borderline Syndrom and Energies of Defence" (the question of 
protection from political, economic and cultural homogenisation). We 
will also pay attention to any contradictions that might occur - 
contradictions between the beginning intentions and goals of 
Manifesta and especialy Manfesta 3 and its realisations: exhibition, 
as well as any accompanying events that might occur. 
 - Analysing works of art. 
At large art exhibitions this is normally forgotten about, for due to 
the large number of works of art detailed analysis is very rare. By 
analitically studying selected works of art, exhibited within the 
Manifesta 3 frame we would like to overcome that gap.
- Studyig the influence of Manifesta 3 upon the local art 
scene. By interviewing the protagonists of contemporary art in the 
Slovenia region (curators, gallery managers, artists, critics) we 
will gather their expectations and experience related to the hosting 
of Manifesta 3 in Ljubljana: how they are involved in (if at all); in 
their opinion, does the event influence the local art scene (if yes - 
how); what can the event offer them and what are their expectations, 

Gathered and processed material will be published at the end of the 
research (by the end of the year 2000).

If you are interested for more informations or you are involved in a 
similar project, please contact us:

Contact person: Ursa Jurman (research 
Phone/fax: 0038 61126 21 92 
SCCA-Ljubljana, Vegova 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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