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Syndicate: cyberkitchen cyberfem school

cyberkitchen cyberfem school 
author - Zana Poliakov 
with the greatest team of players Vanja Nikolic, Marcell Mars, 
Teodor Celakoski and Igor Markovic
Multimedia Institut Lamparna, Labin, Croatia 
held from 8. till 18.10. 1999. 

Participants of this first workshop were mainly girls from Kosova, 
Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia.
 - presentation of their first web works

Accelerated culture demands the structure of permanent education for 
those who would like to live in their Time,
according to their own Time. Short and intense workshops are quite popular
and useful way of getting and
developing knowledge, especially regarding new technology, computers. 
Software gets older and older every day,
and one need to stay in the right track. The Balkan is not the region
where new technology rules, so, according to
the experience from Belgrade new media school, 
called Against Windmills, specialized for the artists, the more of
those workshops we organize all around the region, 
with more fruitfull and faster level of communication, it leads,
inevitably, to the more educated, more democratic, more literate, 
and more tolerating society. Workshop lasts for 2
weeks, official language is English, lecturers from Balkan region 
also as the students. 

First part (5 days): BACK TO SCHOOL 
Practical skills: Basic computer knowledge, coordination of the movements,
basic keystrokes, Microsoft Word and
using the computer as the typewriting machine, Microsoft Office and how can
be useful, and of, course, the thing
that has been declared as the technical literacy of today - Internet,
surfing, and electronic mail. First week ends with
ICQ party, coresponding and mailing between students and direct ICQ
advanced course through chat - usage of
new technology in vivo. 
Theoretical ideas: Conflict-resolution methods, group dynamic ideas, basic
introduction to feminism, identity
theories, and feminist art 
Plug&play: Cooking parties, and exchanging recipies, specialties from the
various regions, and small cooking
chitchatting- simple girls talks. 

Second part (5 days): SOURCE 
Practical skills: scanning, reshaping the scann in Photoshop, thinkig about
their/our own web pages. Front page
editor is visual editor and task is to prepare photos for web publishing,
and to build the page of their own. The
theme will be, of course, from the context of theoretical lectures which
will be quite easy implemented into the
technical education. 
Theoretical ideas: On-line communication methods and moduses, basic
knowledge about virtuality, cyberfeminism
as a theoretical outlook, as a practical tool, and as an art practice 
Plug&play: Cooking parties, and exchanging recipies, specialties from the
various regions, and small cooking
chitchatting- simple girls talks.

Along with the greater and faster emancipation of woman 
it goes the rapid prosperity of computer technology. 
Young woman in this workshop will learn to use the machines, 
to be independent, and to live closely and successuful with 
the new technology. They will also learn about some theory 
thought about feminism, cyberfeminism, about computer mediated 
communication: from a more theoretical viewpoint, the identity politics,
media critiques, and theories of representation that became the foundation
of Western tactical media. Along with all this knowledge they will become
more aware of their gender. And
what they can make of it. 
Special attention will be focused on the ideas of conflict reso
lution, use of electronic technologies for establishing networks 
and working in the area of crisis. During the recent years of conflict
 in the former Yugoslavia, the lessons  learned through these tough 
years may prove to be useful, part of a solid base for developing 
tactical media in peace.  Without good communication, it is not 
possible to work for better understanding among people, nor is it 
possible to dismantle prejudices based on misinformation.

zana poliakov

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